June 19th 2017 Energy Forecast



Good Morning I hope you are well and you weekend was revelatory.  The predominant energy coming into the planet at the moment is peace but also a soothing and restoring energy. I always see aloe vera when this energy is around and it helps soothes fractured souls. I feel its cooling properties are also needed as there is a great deal of irritation and agitation, friction and a huge amount of short temperedness.


Are you feeling pushed to your limits or maybe backed into a corner? Do you feel something bubbling away inside that is getting ready to explode? Well the time is ready for you to begin looking at yourself and looking within. As much as you may feel that you are reacting to others, the imbalances are within you, it’s why it is being brought to your attention.


I have written an article about integrity that I will post later and it is worth a read, as most people think they have integrity yet very few do, not real integrity and part of that is that it isn’t understood properly. Not have integrity will create great dissonance within you and this is what you are feeling bubbling up to the surface.


The energy of truth as always is with us so allow this to work its gentle magic, you will get physical triggers when someone is lying to you so start to make those connections and make a stand. The truth is to be applied to yourself too, how are you lying to yourself.


As I said in my June Forecast, this month is a month of revelations, about ourselves and our world. This is not always easy but it is liberating. As we move into the second half of the year we have to take responsibility for this, our issues and imbalances are making themselves known to us, if we continue to look the other way or keep hooked into old cycles then that is a choice we are making.


So take this time to look at what is bubbling up for you and do something about it otherwise it is a choice you are making! Maybe the first step is seeing that life doesn’t just happen to you, you create it. We are supported in this and good things will come of it, even if you can’t see that right now.


Love and laughter Michele xxxxx

Don’t restrict who you are!

live it

Labels, divisions, restrictions and categories are everywhere, which soul type are you? What type of spiritual person are you and on and on…

Step away from the ownership and labels, why reduce yourself to such a simplistic label which ultimately means nothing, don’t waste your time.

We are moving away from duality and towards unity, these labels ensure that you are hooking firmly into a duality, is that a choice you are making?

If you want to identify yourself as a spiritual warrior or angel then go ahead but be aware of what you are doing….personally i am mother lover, teacher and student, i am a creator and a demolition expert, i am everything and nothing simultaneously. I am the salt in your tears and the laughter in your heart and i learn and grow every day so always discovering something new.

If you want to put yourself in a little box, go ahead but be aware of the choices you are making!

Love and laughter Michele xxxxx

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June 18th 2017 Energy Forecast


look within

Good morning and I hope you are well, the energy today will be light and optimistic, there has been a lift overnight and it is time to take action. Not in a forceful or rushed way, this is more about integrity, following through thought and belief into action, being consistent.


Whatever revelations you have had over the weekend it is time to follow that path, explore it further, do something. Can you feel the urge to change something or make your mark, to contribute and create?.


It might be outside of your comfort zone and it may feel a little scary after all we all taught not to rock the boat but it really is time for us all to step up. To look at who we are, what we want, what we want to do and then go and do it. Or at least make those first steps.


Look at your dreams, they are not just for sleep time, make them happen and if you say oh I can’t then ask why on earth not.


The energy feels persistent and will be with us till the end of the year at least, just tap tap tapping away, letting you know it’s here, reminding you that there is so much more that you want to do.. There really is nothing stopping you, belief me I am looking at the energetic structure of this world and I can tell you that it is possible. Everything has changed, you have changed and continue to do so. The rules have changed, the only thing that is keeping everything the same is you! The energy that have had coming in over the last few days and will continue to pop up is here to make us all see this, you want more, I know you do!


Yet what is it that you want? If you didn’t have the tv or the internet, telling you what is desirable, what would you want? Are your dreams based purely in material satisfaction and attainment? If they are make them a little deeper and more rounded. How do you want to feel in you dream life? What do you want to achieve or contribute in life? How do you want to affect others? Who are you raising up just by being you?


I also feel the energy of school and keep getting the phrase compare and contrast, it really is time to become more engage in your life, to look at what is going on around you objectively rather than only focusing on information that backs up your current mindset.


Look at the people around you, those you spend most of your time with are those that are most similar to you, so if you are not sure what is important to you or what your mind set is then look at the people you choose to have in your life the most. This may surprise you but don’t reject it off hand, you are starting to build a picture of exactly what is going on in your life rather than what you are projecting, so take it peak, it’s not always great but it is liberating.


Throughout my life I would find myself in different jobs, businesses, locations and sometime relationships and wake up 6 months later and think oh my, how did I get here. We’ve all done it where we have been on auto-pilot or just doing things because it was easy and it’s as if we suddenly come round, back into conscious awareness and think oh no this wasn’t part of the plan. This is the shake -up we are all going though.


I see once again courage and fortitude but also fear and fragility, firstly we are always stronger than we think we are and our fears although they threaten to overwhelm us rarely do. Personally I would rather feel intensely uncomfortable and even shameful for 24 hours than have a lifetime of mediocrity and sleepwalking. The only fear we have is facing our true self and although difficult it unites our two halves and that is empowering and feels like home.


We search our lifetimes for our other half, to feel complete, we project this on some poor unsuspecting man or woman, who in turn unconsciously does the same and then spend the next however many years feeling disappointed and frustrated with that person for not living up to our expectations and meeting our needs of feeling whole. When in reality it is the other half of us we are looking for and it was there all along but most people don’t want to accept that, they would rather live in the drama of love lost, or desperately seeking susan, or sitting on the floor crying why won’t anyone love me?

The solution is simple and it is right there in front of you, accessible and ready and once those sides are reconciled within then you are able to love truly unconditionally, to experience a deep and transformative love because that love is already whole and complete, there are no conditions or prerequisites. It is empowering and inspirational not controlling and disappointing and it is free, yet most people will prefer the drama as it makes them feel alive, will prefer the rows and the jealousy as that infers love?


This world has changed, have you? Can you see it and feel it? Do you believe it? Why are you still doing the same old routine, expecting the same results? You may think that you want a different way and that you are working towards that but this is the crux of it, you THINK, and it doesn’t make it passed a thought, it isn’t felt in the heart, it isn’t turned into action, it just swirls around your mind, adding to all the other things you haven’t quite done and slowly erodes any peace of mind you have left because your heart and your soul know!


So although the energy today doesn’t feel as dense as it did yesterday, it is working deep, allow this, observe this, believe this. It is time to allow the changes within you to take place so that you can catch up to the unity paradigm we are moving into to.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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June 16th 2017 Energy Forecast

mulit dimensional.jpg


Good Morning I hope you are all well, so last night brought a quite heavy and dense energy which may have left some of you with a sense of foreboding but this is energy generated amongst the populous. That sinking feeling when you begin to realise the truth or the enormity of an event. So many things are happening around the world that is making people snap their eyes open, to have that sudden realisation that all is not as it seems or they were led to believe.


That heavy feeling is not so much fear but the realisation that if you are not part of the solution then you are most likely part of the problem. This is ok though, these revelations are happening in all arenas of our lives and everything that happens on a global level, a collective level is mirrored at the individual personal level and that is reflected in nature, in the elements. Open your eyes and see, join the dots, make the comparisons as the signs and synchronicities are all around.


This global energy is a good thing and it will spread, don’t run away from it, you may feel a little guilt, stupidity or naivety but that is ok, we all do when we see something that has been staring us in the face for a long time.


I feel the energy of compassion wisdom but also connectivity, we have had a great leap forward and I see hands being held out across the world, regardless of gender race or religion. I have tears as I write this as it feels like home!


You know when you are driving and you have to suddenly stop, you natural reflex is to throw your arm out to protect the person in the passenger seat. We all do it and we don’t know why as an arm is going to stop anything, yet we do it instinctively. If we saw someone in need our instinct in to reach out a hand to help without thought to the clothes they are wearing or the god they may follow or the colour of their skin. Our mind and our conditioning may say differently, when we are pumped full of fear by the media  and sat in our living rooms, fearing the immigrants and the muslims, hating on women, whatever but in that moment, when another human being needs our help we are there in heart beat. This is the tide that is turning, this is what we are recognising, our innate responses are who we are, the thoughts of the mind Is who we have been brainwashed to become.


The dense energy will be around this morning but it will lighten up as the day progresses, feel it for what it is and have gratitude for that. It may be a little uncomfortable but let it speak to you, let it show you where you have been blind, personally and globally, see the parallels.


I feel the energy of hope and also creativity and there is going to be an upsurge in creative outlet. Our artists and musicians are about to step forward with some messages of their own, that will inspire and transform. However you express yourself or receive information there is something for everyone, the important thing is it is time to plug into something new, turn away from the old structures and connect with those around you, heart to heart not mind to mind and ego to ego.


We all know that we are at the most amazing and pivotal time in history but it’s time to really feel it, to let that sink in, you have been through many lifetimes for a reason. That reason goes beyond talking about it. Your brain can never tell you what you need to do only the heart can but it is time to make a difference but the first step in going within, applying this to you, opening up within. Before you can connect and make friends with the diverse range of people in this beautiful world, you first have to connect and make friends with the diverse elements of you, there is no other way, so don’t waste your time.


The energies really are extraordinary and so much hope.


So allow those revelations, the penny to drop and then take it inward and see what you can discover.


I am going to record a meditation for you all either later or more likely over the weekend as I have a busy day coaching, which will help you expand your connectivity and awareness onto a global level. Work has exploded as more and more people are finally saying enough is enough and taking that leap onto the personal and spiritual development path, are you ready? My next Development course starts next month, is this your time? If so send me a message or register on my website www.micheleelizabeth.co.uk/processing-course.


As we move into the weekend there are going to be lots of shifts and expansion and revelations but as always you have free will so you have the choice to look away or distract yourself . You are never too busy and you can always make time, it’s only your mind that tells you otherwise.


Please do get in touch or share on here your own experiences; you have no idea how much that helps others. There are so many people that read my reports that never speak, it’s hard to come out in the open, so for every comment you are not just commenting for you but all those out there that have yet to find their voice.


I am working hard at the moment creating new content for you all, to help in a step by step way navigate all that is going on. Some is free and some is paid but it is time that you invested in yourself and made that commitment to do something every single day because before you know it, those days have turned into months and you find yourself holding the keys to your freedom! So please let me know what you need and let’s all walk together for a while.


Have a wonderful day, Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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June 15th 2017 Energy Forecast


gt the fool

Good Morning I hope you are well, the energy is beginning to pick up intensity and it is going to be rather forward moving as we head into the weekend. Everything is going to speed up and that is not always going to feel comfortable. Don’t fight this just go with the flow, paying attention to what is going on.


Each person is getting helped to get into position to see exactly what they need to see so that they can let go! Everything that happens in our lives is the result of choices we make and lessons we need to learn. Sometimes things happen to show us how far we have come and other times to show us what we need to do, our reaction or response will show us what we need to look at.


There is no other way around this, we are all being asked to take full responsibility for our lives and the choices we make, not being aware of this is not a get out of jail free card as it’s time that you began to make a conscious effort to be aware of it.


It’s time to bring what motivates you to the light and you may be surprised at how manipulative that is but don’t be hard on yourself, beat yourself up or become the victim, do something  about it.

The energy is all about honesty, integrity and responsibility. Pointing the finger, justifications or just sticking your head in the sand is going to blow up in your face with the energies around at the moment. Yet you can stop this by stepping to one side and quietly looking at what you need to see. It’s not like you have to shout it to the world, all that is needed is you bring it into your conscious awareness, that you stop lying to yourself, as that is the first step, that is the commitment.


June is not an easy month but it is going to be a catalyst for many and also the key to liberation, how much you fight this or struggle is a great indicator of what you need to look at.


We also have some really gently and loving energies with lots of healing energy too. It’s like the energies are saying no you can’t avoid looking in the mirror so look but the moment you do you will be wrapped in the loving arms and held. It will be ok but you need to look and it is only your fear that makes it seem worse than it is.


This fast forward energy is also fabulous for getting projects of the ground, moving ideas forward and taking those first steps on your new path.


It will also help you spring clean and clear the dross from your life, making everything lighter and brighter.


Don’t fight this as it will just come round again and again, the amount of misery you experience is your choice.


So take a deep breath and face yourself in the mirror, look at what you are being urged to see. There is nothing to fear but fear itself and that is an illusion and if you keep looking I promise that you will fall in love and that is heaven on earth.


Always here if you have any questions, know that you are being supported at this time by the universe and the energy, it may feel uncomfortable but it is a good thing.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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June 14th 2017 Energy Forecast



Good morning I hope you are well, the energy is still very strong and inward working and it will stay this way for the rest of June.


It may make us feel a little uncomfortable at times but it is here to help us see our inner strength and fortitude and it does that by bringing up our fears into our face, where we have a choice, to  face it or run and hide. Facing it is never as hard as running away and will make you see that there really isn’t anything to fear but fear itself. Although I know it doesn’t feel like it at the time it always does afterwards. So take a deep breath stop running and look at your problem in the light of day.


I also feel the air is ripe with opportunities and it is like an apple tree loaded with fruit all fat and ripe just waiting for you to reach up and pluck it. These two energies together are fab and also shows how much the world is changing on an energetic level. You have fear but also opportunity, contraction and expansion. If you can face your fears whilst also grabbing new opportunities then you really are making that shift into Unity.


Everything really is going to be ok, better than ok but you won’t get to experience that hiding under the bed. The only person getting in your way is you and if you don’t feel as though you are pushing forward then it’s time to take a good look at yourself, your mind-set and your viewpoint, it may be time for  a change.


I feel that inspired action is coming towards the end of the week and it almost feels like carnival energy. Everything seems to be moving pretty fast and there is lots coming and going. This is exciting but make sure that you are fully grounded and take time out to sit breathe and assess the situation. It’s like energetic mardi gras.


Ensuring that you are grounding daily is very important at the moment and will really help with those dizzy and slightly spaced out feelings and please increase your water intake, our bodies need it at the moment due to all the restructuring.


Follow your own intuition, rest when you need to rest, push forward when you feel it and take those leaps of faith.


My next Development Course is due to start on 1st July 2017 and the techniques I teach you will help greatly at this time, so give yourself the greatest gift and sign up for this you will be glad you did, wouldn’t you like to replace fear with opportunity? Get in touch if you are interested or check out my website for more details www.micheleelizabeth.co.uk I offer payment plans too as this is something that everyone needs to take part in, as you all deserve to live the life of your dreams.


So although the energy is rather uncomfortable it is not a negative energy so don’t avoid it, see it for what it is and let it help you dissolve your fears and grab those opportunities.


If you are struggling or just have a question please get in touch I am always happy to help, if you want to put the power back in your hands then think about doing my course, it will change the way you see the world and your part in it forever !


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxx

Is your house making you ill?

einstein energy.jpg

Land and Buildings hold energy of the people and events that took place there and can cause emotional mental and physical disturbances for the new occupants.


Redevelopment seems to be constant in our modern world; new housing developments are springing up all over but although care is taken in the design no thought is given to the actual land that is being built upon and its energetic history.


Today in our local paper I saw that an old Prison is being demolished and 140 homes being built there plus a care home.


Prisons, hospitals and schools are often re-developed and all of these hold within the building and the land a dense and negative energy that will slowly permeate through all those that live there.


Just think of these institutions and the events that would take place daily, the energy of the people within those walls and the issues they are dealing with, these are not happy places and that energy remains.


Hospitals hold the energy of life and death, emergencies, loss, devastation, pain, fear, of course there is also joy delight and relief with the occasional miracle but that is in the minority and cannot negate the dense energy. The staff are overworked and stressed, often taking some form of abuse daily.


Prisons hold the energy of incarceration, loss of liberty, anger and hatred, frustration and despair, they house people filled with guilt or rage, confused and lost. Inmates and guards alike face violence daily, it is the realm of the lost soul. This energy remains, even if the building is torn down the energy has seeped into the ground.


Schools, have a very sticky and intense energy, just remember what it was like as a child, how confusing school could be, so much to navigate and learn including our own sense of self. School was a difficult time for so many, some children are bullied by pupils and teachers and some feel ineffectual and unworthy. Teachers are also under a huge amount of stress and pressure.


All of these events would have taken place daily and over many years, decades and in some incidences centuries. For the land itself, it will hold energy for thousands of years, storing the battles and bloodshed that have come before.


We all know what it is like to spend time with a negative person, it affects us, depresses us, bring us down but we can often identify this feeling is because we are spending time with a negative person. We can be laughing with friends and then a dense energy person can enter the room and it is like all the joy has been sucked out of the room, heaviness settles and it affects us.


The same happens when we build on land or develop properties that are soaked in negative energy.  Problems sleeping, restlessness, health issues, depression and mood imbalances, anger and fear, loss of motivation, anxiety, feeling hopeless, despairing and powerless. They can be minor or full on but they will have an impact on your overall health. Even if you are a positive and balanced person you will feel drained as you are having to work extra hard to pull yourself out of this baseline of negativity.


Most people will go to the doctor wondering what is wrong with them and be prescribed medication of some kind or another, alleviating the symptoms without finding the root cause, this creates more problems than it solves.


These problems and issues then spread out into the wider community; if you are unhappy you spread that around, children may have behavioural problems which impact their school life, their teachers and fellow pupils.


Yet it doesn’t have to be this way, energy can be cleared from land and buildings, it isn’t hard and it isn’t expensive but the benefits would be far reaching.


There are many conscious and enlightened architects out there who understand this, they understand how energy works and design their buildings accordingly and take into consideration the energy of the land but they are in a minority however they are increasing in numbers.


For centuries those that hold the power have understood this and use this yet this knowledge is denied to the masses. It is ridiculed as new age nonsense but it isn’t, it is as old as time itself.


We just need to bring all of this into our conscious awareness, look at what you believe and then see how it can be applied to other areas of your life and your belief system. Start to connect the dots because you already believe.


Millions of people flock to sacred sites around the world, sites they believe hold special energy, they believe they are important partly because their viewpoint is validated by so many others, it is socially acceptable. They believe the ground and the buildings hold that energy, yet that is where the thought stops. So instead of letting that thought go, pursue it and apply to other beliefs, So if I believe that to be true then by extension all land and buildings hold energy and can affect us, so what does that mean for me, how does this affect my experience?


Big businesses have begun to use mystics more and more to find the next profitable site for their business, as they are aware that not only is location important but so is the energy.


I have worked with businesses that are failing despite doing all the right things, however the energy of the property is contributing to the failure. Every town as at least one property where each business that goes in there fails, different people and different business’s the only common thread is the building.


Ponder this, could this explain how you feel?


When we consciously begin to accept and understand energy and how it is everything and affects everything, and work with that, it is amazing how much easier life gets. I always feel that negative energy like this is like wading through treacle, just exhausting.


If you think you may have an issue you can get the energy cleared and balanced and you can easily learn to maintain the energetic integrity of your home.


For any builders, developers of architects, consider it. You may not be able to feel it and it may not increase your bottom line but it will impact the emotional and physical health of those families that buy your properties and call them home and that impacts society as a whole, it will also dramatically help the build and sale process, so in fact it will benefit your profits but you may not see the direct correlation.


Everything works better from a foundation of balanced energy!


Just think about it!


Love and laughter Michele xxxxx