Unity – The paradigm shift is happening


FB I DO NOT ALLOW-4.pngUnity is where we are headed if we choose but it’s not going to just happen for us we have work to do!

The route to Unity is looking squarely in the mirror and seeing the duality within, the good the bad, the dark and the light. It all exists within us whether we are aware of that or not.

When we recognise and accept the polarities within us, we can balance and release them, bringing in a unity state in their place. This is processing, something millions of people around the world are doing.

We are just reuniting what once was, we are coming home.

We are not the person the duality paradigm has made us but we run on a duality operating system, so what we are basically doing with processing is uninstalling the Duality Operating System ( DOS) and reinstalling the Unity Operating System (UOS)

This shift from the duality paradigm to the unity paradigm is real and its affects are being seen on the global stage, it’s why everything is so exciting and monumental, this is history in the making and we are making it, every single person who steps up and starts or is walking their conscious journey is instrumental in pushing this shift forward.


So take a look in the mirror and keep looking until all you see is love.

Love & Laughter Michele xxxx

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January 2018, Amazing Energy Boosting your Intuition


January 2018 has had the most amazing energy, especially with regard to our intuition and psychic abilities.

From September 2017 the veil was thinning, allowing greater sensing of the spirit world, which I am sure many of you experienced but the Solstice brought with it something rather extraordinary and the shift has been very noticeable.

Solstices are major gateways for us, people often experience significant upgrades after a solstice, as they allow higher vibrational energy to ground into the earth.

This Solstice the gateway appears to have remained open and it is triggering your intuitive abilities, to amplify this affect we also have the energy of hope and self belief, so we are more likely to act on this intuition.

You are feeling it right? You’re having more vivid dreams which you remember with clarity throughout the day, you have that inner knowing that everything is going to be ok or something great is waiting in the wings, does that sound familiar.

2016 was a really tough year, a great deal of loss and endings, 2017 was tough but not as tough as 2016, it ended with a big squeeze and lots of endings.

2018 is different it started with a clean slate almost, a totally different vibe.

Now for this to be possible for us all to be feeling this is due to you! To all of you who have been facing those endings and allowing them to go, to dealing with you inner stuff and starting that journey of self discovery and empowerment.

It is only by more and more of the collective vibrating at a higher rate that these energies are able to become grounded into earth. So the energy of 2018 is a very good sign indeed that the momentum wave of awakening is gathering increasing speed.

If you are still having a tough time, it is because you have not done the inner work but that is ok and nothing to worry about, the majority of the population are feeling the same. You still have time but you do need to actively do something about it if you want to get on this unity train.

The energies are here supporting us because we are ready, all of us, despite what you may think or how you may feel, on a soul level everyone is ready for this, it is our destiny!

My journey was intense tough and took around 5 years of intensive meditation processing and training to get to a good place energetically and a lifetime to get where I am now but that will not be that way for you, it doesn’t need to be tough or long, so it won’t be.

When I was going through what some of you are going through now, it was the early 2000’s the energy was dense 3d duality, I had to fight above that before I could even begin to start any energy or processing work and it was constantly pulling me off course.

2018 is totally different energy, rather than pulling you down it buoys you up, rather than suffocating it is expansive, whatever you choose to do, whether internal work or external if it is inline with your soul path then it will be amplified. You will be fast tracked, so don’t give up hope or despair that you are not where you would like to be or you are not experiencing what I talk about, you will, If you start doing the work.

It’s time to let it all go, allow this transformation and then start that inner journey of bringing everything in balance, to experience unity you first have to dismantle the duality conditioning within you. Which by the way is what my Unlock the Potential of you Personal & Spiritual Development Course does but as I have said before there are other good courses out there, so if !don’t resonate with you then look elsewhere but do something, it’s the only way forward.

Love & laughter Michele xxxx

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Nothing can happen to you or your world unless you give permission, unless you allow it!



Nothing can happen to you or your world unless you give permission, unless you allow it!

Fact, a universal law!

Unfortunately permission can be granted by your conscious and unconscious brain!

This may seem then like an impossible task, how can we do anything about what happens in our unconscious, especially when we aren’t even aware that it is happening .

You do this by living consciously, by increasing your own awareness field that so that you can question yourself, learn a good processing technique and use it, this is invaluable !

But the simplest & fastest route is to state your permission or not, if something is happening that you really don’t like, a simple statement of I DO NOT ALLOW THIS! Those taking my course know the technique well, THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE AND THIS IS HOW IT IS GOING TO PLAY OUT!

Life does not have to be complicated and it isn’t, people dress this stuff with mystery and ritual but if you want it to be very simple it actually is! The problem is people don’t believe in the simple, it has to be complicated or everyone would be doing it right?

Yes everyone should be doing it but people don’t as they believe nothing that simple is going to work.

If you feel that way that is just your duality conditioning so process that into oblivion and see how simple and joyous your life becomes.

So for today in this energy of expansion just think about this and what it means to you and your world!!


Love and laughter Michele xxxxx

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275 x 183-6

We love it, we hate it, we chase it, we reject, we see it as the solution to our problems and the cause of our problems. We think about money a lot, a disproportionate amount, does money dominate your life?

We all have a complicated relationship to money and how we perceive and relate with money is deep rooted, the causes of which are not easily available to our conscious awareness. Which is why our lack of money despite our greatest efforts persists.

Most of us are conflicted in our relationship with money, on the one hand ;

We associate money with materialism, shallowness, egotism, consumerism, some of the worst aspects of society today .

We see that the pursuit of wealth, control and domination go hand in hand and are the cause of war & violence in todays world.

We look at the arrogance or entitlement of those with money, these are not qualities we desire so we reject it as shallow.

We see money being used as an anaesthetic, a distraction from our inner journey and the issues that lie within. It can be seen as a choice made between our inner journey = poor, outer journey = rich. Many people feel that money and spirituality conflict and I will write more about that in another article

We are conditioned to see money as a measuring stick for success and self worth, which sets us up to fail, feeling frustrated, unlucky or just not good enough

So we reject it, if this is money we want no part in it, Money is the root of all evil right?

Yet on the other hand;

We can’t live without money, we need it for our basic human requirement at the least, the roof over our head , the food in our belly, so the tortured relationship continues.

We see the wonderful lives of those with money, the freedom and choices it gives them and we want it, we need it, we have to have it and why shouldn’t we. Having money is liberating. I have lived both lives and I know which one I prefer

We see that most of our problems would go away or be easier to deal with if we had more disposable income and they would. Money talks, it opens doors, it makes life easier. Money is indeed the solution to most of our problems

However all of these things, although true, in that most of us experience this, they are not about money itself, just our relationship with it.

Money is just energy, it is there to provide for us, to enable us to get everything we need to live a good and fulfilling life. It is neither good nor bad, it is not about luck or destiny, its about what you believe.

Money is attracted to you by inner energy yet it can only satisfy external needs. This is why you need to be in balanced in your relationship with money to have consistent abundance. If you focus on either your outer world and getting money or your inner journey at the exclusion of the other you will be poorer for it, either in resources or soul.

Having money can make it easier to be happy but it can’t in itself make you happy, that’s always a choice you have to make.

But isn’t it time you let money do what it is destined to do and that is provide you with everything you need so you can go and do what you are destined to do!

Join me on Sunday for a workshop showing you how to address your relationship and mindset towards money bringing you whatever you desire!

Sign up today for my workshop and take advantage of the half price offer of only £20


Love and Laughter Michele xxx

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January 12th 2018 Energy Forecast – Expand your mind 

2018 Your path Awaits-2

Good Morning I hope that you are well, the energy has shifted once more in the night, as the strange energy that was sweeping the planet lifted. Today we feel more normal and upbeat. There are still some strong dynamic energy around and I feel that this is going to be a good month for people to start expanding their awareness, to start looking closer at the world around them and themselves.

You know there is a lot more to you than meets the eye right? You know that there is something you are here to do but not quite sure what that is? But above everything you know that there has to be more to our lives than this?

Are you getting itchy feet and want to get moving? The energy of 2018 is very different from 2017 but then that is because you are different, there we some huge shifts for you last year, easter, august, then pretty much continually from October to December , this has changed you and many of the physical symptoms that you may have had is your body catching up with these changes.

However with all these changes comes responsibility and hopefully more people are ready for this now. Responsibility to your self, your health and wellbeing, responsibility to always seek the truth, responsibility to match understanding with action.

Many years ago , a decade or so, I made a commitment to always be impeccable in everything I do and that is something that I strive for daily. Impeccable in thought emotion action and energy. If I slip the reaction/effect or consequence is immediate, I will trip and fall or hurt myself in some way, enough to instantly bring myself back into impeccability. This is important at these times. That we all strive for this!

The energy is very expansive today and I really good day to push your mental belief system a little, why do you believe what you believe, is it based in fact or is based on what you were told and accepted blindly?

Are you part of the positive or part of the negative? What is it that you are putting out there? Constantly showing pics on social media of dogs being beaten or the elderly being abused, although may consciously come from a place of I care, it is just pumping more negative into the world. Yes there are things that people need to know and wake up to, however we should always give people power , something that they can do about it.

Over the coming weeks I am going to be talking in detail about the Illiminati/cabal/Dark Agenda , The Duality Unity Paradigm, The shadow WW3 that is already going on and I am going to be talking to you about what you can do, how you can positively contribute to the world and the fight, because the power we have is extraordinary , especially when we unite. I have been working in this for a long time and it was always something that was hinted at, discussed with a few only as it is something that could create fear and that is the opposite effect but now the time is right, the shifts have happened.

So for today, just allow this expansive, fun, joyful energy sweep you along, allow your imagine to get to work, if this world was not what you believe it to be then what would you want it to be. This is your project for today, to dream, if you were the new ruler of the world, if you could create this world anyway you wanted, what would you do, how would it be…..the impossible is possible so give yourself some space to imagine that !

Love and Laughter Michele xxxxx


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January 11th 2018 Energy Forecast – Time to Really Open your Eyes

fb postIt's time!.png

Good Morning I hope that you are well, I am not sure what is going on with the energy at the moment but it is feeling a bit like a full moon, even the sky was really bright last night even though we the moon is waning crescent, the energy today also has that active full moon energy, to get out there and do! I will be feeling into this later to see what is going on, most unusual.

My advice that although you may feel like being impulsive and maybe a little reckless today, resist that urge as the energy may drop once again tomorrow and you will be left high and dry.

We also have a big tide of fear that is sweeping the planet, this is not you so don’t hook into it. It is important that we all learn what is our energy and what isn’t otherwise the next decade is going to be one rough ride! Everyone needs to learn to self regulate and self soothe, it is one of the reasons I am here, to get you to do just that.

There are big big changes going on at a global level and all is not as it seems, revelations and disclosures are going to come from the global stage that will rock your world, all that you believed, that you are hooked into will begin to crumble. I know this is happening for a lot of you and millions around the planet, it is the mass awakening and now it is being taken to the next level!

If some of you have been following me for the last 10 years or so, you will be familiar with me talking about the years of truth and revelation that begin in 2008, The Emperors New Clothes and such. I talk about the deconstruction of the duality paradigm, empowerment and self actualisation that will follow. We are now at the peak of this, the epicentre if you will.

These really are extraordinary times, really and I am going to talk about this, ET’s, The Dark Agenda, The Alliance, the end of the world as we know and how exactly you own development is a crucial part of this!

It really is time to wake up! I thought reports of this tone were gone in 2017 but something has shifted in the last couple of days, I have felt the collective energy drop and I just keep getting it’s time to wake up, it’s time to wake up now!

My focus is usually on your development, your empowerment and how you can create more balance harmony and happiness in your life. This of course is still and will always be the case

However the last month or so has been all about the Mystic Work on a global level, the spiritual warrior outfit was donned once again and it is time for some full disclosure, of what exactly I am doing with this mystic work and why. The time has come for everyone to open their eyes and start to get your head round the fact that nothing you believed about this world is true, if you don’t start now, you will be in for a big shock.

So as much as this may scare you or maybe you feel these theories have no credibility, it is time that you started being open to the possibilities.

Now as always I do not come to you with info unless I have something you can do about it, everything I do comes with value for you so that you an grow and move forward.

I am going to do a live feed or seminar on this so if you are interested give me a shout out below and I will let you know when and where I am going to do it!

This is not for the feint hearted so if you are ready for a reality check and what you can do, then jump on board, this just got real!

Love and Laughter Michele

Well that was not what I expected but I guess it is time….I did wonder xxxx

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January 9th 2018 Energy Forecast…..That’s not who I am!

change is easier than you think

Good Morning, I hope that you are well, although maybe feeling a little anxious or unsure? We have a funny mix of energy around at the moment and I am trying to get an handle on it. It is as though it is making us feel very sensitive, to everything, so any kind of conflict or drama is going to send you reeling.


The energetic vibrational rises that you may have experienced have you seeking balance harmony and peace, although your route there may mean that you have to be strong direct and cut some people out of your life or call them on their shit, which can create aggressive backlash, this can send you running for the hills, vowing never to open you mouth or say anything again. But that is not the way and you know it, you know you have no option but to speak from your heart and create a way and a path that is right for you and that means that you are going to have to deal with less than balanced harmonious and peaceful people. However you can learn ways to step into your power without being aggressive and to stand your ground without being abused.

Take some deep breaths, look at what it is you feel you need to say or do, check yourself, what are your motives in this? Are you doing it for your own growth and journey or are you saying it to be right, to put someone in their place or to make a point? Motivation is key to the reaction you experience.

2018 is not the year to swallow your dreams and desires for the sake of someone else and an easy life. 2018 is not the year to walk someone else path or put them before you. 2018 is the year you hunker down into your roles , resigning yourself that this is just the way it is.


You feel it too don’t you?

You feel the shift, in yourself and in the world?

You can feel the momentum pushing your forward, that there is so much out there for you to explore and create, you are ready or getting ready to really make your mark on the world and you will, you can, it’s time you stepped out of that heavy overcoat of duality, that keeps you small conflicted, less than, exhausted, de-motivated, and trapped in the role of being a good…… insert whatever your thing is, wife mother son boss whatever.

My ex died in my opinion partially because of the role he put himself in and so did his friends, family and community. He wasn’t this role but when the world sees you this way it can be tough to break free from it. To be seen as someone you are not is something we can all associate with and it can heart breaking and soul destroying which is why you owe to yourself and everyone around you to break free from those roles and step into who you truly are because no matter what you think or anyone else around you thinks, that is what the world and every living creature needs you to do…..

So shake off the costume of the role that you are playing put on your sparkly leotard and do the funky chicken, 2018 wholeheartedly supports this, so no matter what you have been conditioned to believe the world will not stop spinning.

If you don’t feel the shift, if you have been feeling more and more down as the week has progressed don’t slump your shoulders in despair, there are a few reasons for this, one are you ill? Flu etc, if you are underpass, then just focus on your physical body and getting well, don’t be a martyr and push through. I used to do that and all I did was extend the illness.

January is also another squeeze a do-over and on the 31st the moon will be helping us end some pretty big cycles and get rid of them from our system once and for all. This period is helping us shift lots of dark and dense energy, wounds, cycles, habit, conditioning and it is not all sunshine and flowers, this is some dark stuff making its way out but as my mother would say, better out than in, even if the route out is a little uncomfortable.

So however you are feeling is a sign of where you are and what you need to do, so do it!

If you feeling like throwing a pity party, make it a party of one, as no one can dance to that tune, then suck it up and do something. If you don’t well, then that’s on you!

Love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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