October 21st Energy Forecast – Time to BE it, not just say it!

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Good Morning I hope you are well, as we slowly begin to leave the new moon energy you may find that the energy isn’t quite so peaceful and comforting as there was a soothing element to the energy. It is an important time of respite but it will leave us by the beginning of the week.

That is not to say that the energy will turn horrible, far from it but the time of being embraced in our mothers arms is leaving us for now as we all have stuff to do!

Can you feel the passion, that stirring of your inner flames, those flashes of realisation but also inspiration. The opening of your mind to enable you to see sides of a situation you were blind to before. This feels like inventor and creator energy. If you want answers, the next couple of months will bring them.

But you have to remember to ask the questions !

For many the energy around is going to kick start your own self discovery and enquiry, this is a magical adventure in deed and not for the faint hearted. This is why I am so proud of every single one of those taking my course, they have stepped up and faced themselves squarely in the mirror, then like Alice jumped in to look even further!

I feel the energy of intrigue and mystery but also temerity and audacity, like brave knights seeking out our destiny.

I also feel collaboration and unity, as always but something is stirring this too, I feel there will be more events when we turn from those in power and turn within our communities , shoulder to shoulder we come together!

There is as always a base level of fear energy which brings out many different emotions and reactions in people, this is something that you need to address so that you don’t get swept along in the tide of fear that is sweeping the planet and will continue to do so. I will write about this more over the weekend.

It is very important at this time that you look at balance, in this duality that we live in we are walking most days a fine line between what is balanced and what is extreme. Some of the energy that has been coming in over the last week has been about stirring your inner passions, that which makes your heart sing. However it is easy for some for this to become an obsession, where attainment of the goal will be reached no matter the cost and it becomes the main focus and attachment!

I am hopefully going to be writing more articles to help with these turbulent and rather fractured times, although rest assured all is good and there is nothing for you to worry about but you do need to start doing something, to start your own inner journey, otherwise you will keep going round and round in circles getting battered as the old paradigm dissolves.

It is time to shift gears and little and this is the perfect time. You have until the end of the year to really take advantage of these energies and get yourself into position for 2018, the solstice on 21st December is going to be spectacular.

This shift is the move from knowledge to wisdom, from knowing to being, for example, saying love and light or intending to send love and light doesn’t really mean or do anything (sorry about that) Being Love Light is a totally different story, Being love light means it pours from you being, affecting all those around but more than that is changes you, your perception and your world.

So flow with these energies around at the moment and follow the anger, the anxiety and the frustration within, they will show you what you need to see.

Lots of love and laughter from a loving laughing me xxxxxxx

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Photoshopping is ok if I can do it too!


A few years ago everyone was  outraged at the photo shopping that was being done in the media, giving us all a distorted body mage and standards to live up to. Fast forward a few years and all of this is ok, it is accepted because we can do that too!

This is shocking alarming and horrifying and seems to complete another step into the outer world while our true inner world begins to atrophy or is hidden from us.

Each year we step further and further outside of ourselves aligning ourselves  to the fakery, it matters not what we do or who we are, all the matters is our Social Media Story and how fabulous we look in those pictures!

Now it doesn’t even matter what you look like when you look in the mirror, we no longer need to look in the mirror instead we can gaze at our Instagram photos, they may be photoshopped but boy do we look good.

The damage that is being done to our psyche and soul is frightening but let’s ignore that as we can get our worth validated by loves and likes on SM.

Everything has been taken outside of ourselves moving us further and further away from the true beauty of us.

How we look at a 2D Picture is very different to how we look at and interact with a real person. Think about it what strikes you about someone when you meet them, what keeps you engaged with them?

Is it their perfect makeup, they hair and nails, their clothes? Maybe initially but what keeps you engaged? It is their eyes ! Their Smile ! The energy that comes off them which interacts with your own. It is how they make you feel when you are around them!

Sadly the more we step outside of our selves and into the photoshopped image on our phone the more dead our eyes become, the more thin and weak our energy becomes until all we have left is our online avatar interacting with someone else’s avatar talking bollocks, whilst we sit at home watching Netflix in our Pj’s feeling empty and ugly!

So take a look at the face of your idealised person, take a close look, what do you feel and then look at the face of a real person laughing ……now what do you feel?

Let’s all just step back and look at what we are doing? The next time you want to photoshop or filter your pics ask yourself why? Why are you not beautiful enough as you are and does the disparity between the pics make you feel sad insecure and ugly, after all the person in the picture is not you and you know that, so all it can do is make you feel unworthy.

The sad truth is you are beautiful just the way you are if you want to be more beautiful, if you want others to think you are amazing….well that all comes down to energy, to being open  loving and gracious!

I am beautiful in every single way and my ageing skin, lines and the occasionally yet increasing white hairs do not detract from that, it’s all part of my journey!

So look in the mirror….what do your eyes say about you ?

Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxx

October 20th 2017 Energy Forecast – What drives you?

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Good Morning I hope you are well and enjoying this wonderful new moon energy and it is certainly some light relief from the last month.

I feel the energy of inspiration and dedication, no it feels more like devotion. There are things that are really important to you, things that matter and that you are starting to awaken to the fact that you need to do something about it. It may feel private and personal right now or just be a notion or general direction that you would like to head. It is something that you need to pursue and it will bring you great joy.

Sit with this energy for a while, there is something that you need to do that you believe in, it is there let it come to the surface. If you already know what it is time to take that first step. Over the next few months you will be coming more and more into alignment with this.

However as with all things you have free will and you have large amounts of conditioning that tells you that you can’t . So there may be some things that you need to do first.  You may think you have a destiny to do great things and now is the time that these things will come to the surface if you let them and if you clear your disbelief and blocks. You can always look the other way, as we all spent most of our lives doing.

I also feel the energy of nostalgia but this is not tinted with sadness, this is warm and gentle, a pleasant reminder of the past, of tradition and those that came before. It may be time to put our lives into a greater context ?

I am also seeing a spotlight which tells me that it is time to look closely at aspects of our lives and this time it is all about balance fairness and equality, we saw issues with this all over the global stage however now and between Christmas is the time for us to enquire of this within. To really look at our lives, what we do and how we do it and see if we are and live our lives with balance fairness and equality.

Write these down and examine it. If you work more than is balanced do something about it, I know you will say but I have no choice but you do we all do. I recently saw a friend who took my course get a part time job for the same money as her full time one.

Do you treat everyone in your life fairly and equally? Do you “see”everyone in your life and treat them equally with respect?

Really look at this as you may be surprised!

You can create the life you dream of but you have to believe!

Enjoy this beautiful energy but start reflecting and allow your passions to rise….what is important to you, what is your passion?

And while you are at it considering taking my development course, it will take you by the hand and gently guide you into your heart, it’s where the miracles are!


Have a wonderful day, Lots of Love & Laughter Michele xxxxxxx

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October 19th 2017 Energy Forecast – Time to step up & take your rightful place

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Good Morning I hope you are well, the shifts of yesterday continue as we are bathed in the beautiful energy of the new moon. This energy feels soft and fluid, gentle and kind on the surface but it is as hard as granite underneath, anchoring you firmly into the earth.

It is time for you to take your place in your world, with a strong heart and unwavering courage and you can do this, you really can, even if it begins with baby steps.

You have passion strength creativity compassion love honour integrity and wisdom by the bucket load. It is in your heart and it aligns with the centre of the universe and all the beings within it. Yet you also have jealousy, anger, competition and the need to control, you have high expectations and a low level of base fear that makes you hesitate and doubt. Your mind and ego are in control rather than your heart. Well for the most part and for most people, unless you have done or are doing the work. It’s just the way it is. However now is the time to bring yourself back into balance and alignment not with the fake materialistic consumer world of each person for themselves but with your true nature, your true purpose.

This new moon is going to help you with this, are you going to fight and deny it or embrace it?

For those of you that are doing the right thing, acting with integrity and honesty, quietly and slowly working for the greater good, internally and externally, you will find some great fortune coming your way, I see a party like New Years, great celebration for the work done. This is not by the way going out and saving others, this is about being conscious in each moment, being aware of the impact you may have on others and ensuring that you never knowingly harm another.

This about laying down the need to be right, to be superior or better than, to using others to get your needs met.

This is about coming into alignment with truth integrity and purpose, which means you don’t just say it you live it, you are it. You cannot say I don’t judge but…… Passing commentary on another persons life is just that judgement and gossip and it is a waste of everyones time, it has zero value but creates some pretty funky energy that will always find its way back to you.

So enjoy this beautiful energy, let it speak to you and show you where you need to grow. If you feel anxious or angry then don’t push it down sit with for a while and see what it is showing you. Be honest with yourself it is the only way you will grow, even If it flies in the face of the image you have constructed for yourself .

Have a wonderful day and take a look at my development course, not a single person who has taken it has been left unchanged. It is liberating empowering and life changing. If you reject this ask yourself why and have a chat with me or maybe those who have taken the course, we have payment plans available so that money is not the issue.


We are moving into rather turbulent times but also incredible unity times and having some tools to help you with this would be invaluable and completely change your experience.

Think about it, have a wonderful day, enjoy this energy and start thinking about you and your future and what you are going to create over the coming month.

Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx

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October 18th 2017 Energy Forecast – Make that Change

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Good Morning I hope you are well, the energy’s shifted in the night and I feel a calm descending, a slight hushed energy that says sit for a while and listen.

This energy reminds me of my mothers energy. You know that feeling when you were little and your mother would go out for the evening, that feeling of comfort and relief when she would come home and say good night to you even though you were struggling with the reeds of sleep and couldn’t quite wake but fell instantly back into slumber with comfort that she was home and all was right with the world once again.

The world feels like it is struggling to wake but at the same time resisting that final awakening for fear of what may be seen. At the same time the energy is balanced and comforting something we haven’t felt for a while, especially with the devastation that has been reported on global news in the last month. Now would be a really great time to stop watching mainstream media. Have faith that the news you need to see will find you!

It is time to shake things up again, tough I know when you are feeling the way you are right now but it is important not to become complacent and it is important to fight apathy. It is also important to grab a bucket load of courage and start making changes, to make new and different choices, to begin new ventures that don’t have a pre-determined outcome but are heart led.

Now is the time to start something new in all areas of your life, a new mindset, a new vision, a new purpose, a new life. One with more balance, more love, more enjoyment just more.

With this new moon this is an incredible fortuitous time to start something new, your self, your ideas and plans are like acorns that will be supercharged and can grow into the mighty oak.

This is a great time of balance and we will see karma in action and it will be quick, like any good harvest time we are all going to reap what we sow. If you find life getting a little unlucky, unfair or harsh then you need to look at the karmic energy you have generated, what are you putting out there.

It is time for us all to grab each other my hand and dance amongst the stars!

Have a wonderful day, love and laughter Michele xxxxxx

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