April 24th 2017 Energy Forecast

April 24th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope that you are well, there has been a sudden drop in the energy this morning which may leave you feeling a little off or down, so don’t worry, get up and get out and get moving, shake that energy up a little. Maybe you need to sing and dance but whatever you do don’t hold on to it. Sometimes when we are riding high and everything seems to be moving in the right direction a sudden drop in energy can leave us flat but we aren’t really.


I feel a really irritable energy around, kind of like a grumpy old man energy (apologies to any grumpy men out there but you know the energy I am talking about) again don’t own this as yours as you may find yourself blowing up at someone because their breathing annoys you.


Be careful of being over strict or rigid this week, just because someone doesn’t do something the way you would doesn’t mean that it is wrong. It is also good to just let some things go, do they really matter, will the protracted outcome make you feel better, I doubt it. Pick your battles wisely or you will waste a lot of time energy and peace of mind.


I have been hearing some amazing stories in this last week of how friends and clients lives are opening up for them in ways that last year they only dreamed about. I love to see these opportunities being presented to them but also the courage and faith they have to jump at these. So matter what you feel you are going through keep your eyes open as the opportunities are there, just maybe not in the way that you expect. This year really is very different energetically so look around and validate that for yourself.


The key to most changes is belief and trust, you don’t need to know how or why something works to belief in it, just that it does. Take getting on a plane for example, most of us have no idea how it stays in the air but we trust that it does, we trust our lives in that belief, almost unthinkingly. The same is true with manifestation and creation, trust that it works and this will soon be validated for you.


When I first wake in the morning I am instantly presented with a list of things that will happen that day, in my morning meditation I receive more information that will be relevant, usually opportunities. So for example a few days ago I woke with the knowledge that my neighbour had died, so was able to send out the appropriate energy to her and her loved ones. Yesterday I knew some work I had to do with schools but did I know a teacher or someone who had school connection, no I couldn’t think of anyone, then I have coffee with a friend who has the school and link and is working in an area that is very relevant. This stuff happens to you too, you just need to be more aware of it. Treat it as an extra sense rather than just a coincidence or weird event.


Today is a day to know when to walk away and when to keep pushing, only you can tell, trust your own intuition, it will guide you well.


Have a wonderful day, don’t forget to check out my website www.micheleelizabeth.co.uk there is lots for you to see and look into taking my processing course to create abundance peace and joy, creating the life of your dreams is at your fingertips and I would love to teach you the tools.


I have struggled with releasing this course online as I have been given and sought lots of advice on how to package it but this just didn’t sit with me well, it made me feel that I wasn’t being honest or acting with integrity, I will explain more in another article. So things have changed, it is one core course and then added workshops on top of this.


So have a wonderful day, I am so excited for the future of all of us but also the blessings miracle and outright awesomeness of right now!


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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