Michele Elizabeth Processing Course Student Reflections after week 4

Michele Elizabeth Processing Course

Michele Elizabeth Processing Course – starts 4th May 2017 Online

Here’s is what the last class had to say after 4 weeks in…..

•No anxiety or fear when I first wake up.

•Trusting in the universe.

•Feeling Calmer and Peaceful.

•Not worrying about what people think of me,

•Not feeling guilty.

•Forgiving others.

•Releasing and letting go more.
•I feel that I am listening with my body and less with my over thinking mind.

•I am trusting my instincts that I will find my inspiration once I properly let go.

•I’m still straddling the old and new like tug of war, but I am really excited about falling into the new my body smiled and I got butterflies as I wrote the last bit xxx

•Yes I’m same trusting my instincts too, listening to my gut feeling and from my heart, yay its wonderful xx

•Processing has really helped me on this journey; the immense feeling of relief x
•Very much the same as what has already been said. Having been in a situation recently as well where there would have normally been lots of triggers and realising how calm and balanced I felt was confirmation of how this process really is so empowering!!

•Trusting more, smiling more and feeling detached from others emotional dramas.

•I have also noticed a difference with the flow of energy when doing Reiki and am receiving more messages and insight.

•Thank you for asking us to write this for you as it’s wonderful to stop and focus for a moment on all that’s happened in just four weeks!!! Xxx


There is still time and I would love for you to join us if you are ready to create the life of your dreams.


lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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