April 25th Energy Forecast 2017



Good Morning I hope you are all well, I had to wait a little while to write this report as I woke up to some exciting news and needed to calm down a little before I felt into the energy, otherwise you would have just got …ahhhhh everything is freaking awesome wonderful miraculous and perfect lol


So this morning the energy is a game of two halves, I have been shown a football pitch and one side has a dark cloud and the other sunshine, both are separate experiences and they don’t seem to affect each other. Sometimes we need to walk in the rain, it doesn’t have to be permanent and it doesn’t have to be terrible it is just different. Everything we experience has value, it’s just our mind that segregates this into good or bad.


I feel strong stable energy that is coming in like pillars, the cornerstones of new structures, new institutions, I see the world being recreated from the ground up, drawing inspiration from the heavens, this is balance and unity in progress.


This is wonderful creator energy, running through it integrity truth and Unconditional love, lots and lots of love. You really can do whatever you want at this time, as long as it comes from your heart, when the two energies come together I see fireworks.


I also feel passion, red hot, blow your socks off passion, What more do I need to say!


For those of you facing your own storm, don’t put it off take a deep breath and face it head on, it’s just a little bit of wind and water, you won’t dissolve and you won’t fall from your path, to face it is the only way and trust me you will say afterwards oh that wasn’t so bad I wish I had done it a long time ago.


The energy is going shift again next week as we move into another new cycle and this will bring even more new opportunity.


For now play with this strong energy, see what it brings out in you, what is your passion, how do you want to push forward, what do you want to create.


As always if you need help with anything or clarification just give me a shout.


I am off to the beach now to give thanks for all the absolute amazingness in my life and that includes you, all of you, even those of you that never speak, I know you are there and I thank you for the energy you too bring.


Whoop whoop Love and laughter Michele xxxxx


#lifeisamazing #awesometimes #createyourdreams #opportunities #seizetheday #pathtoenlightenment #happydays #goodtimes


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