April 28th 2017 Energy Forecast

Every Cloud has a silver lining


Good Morning I hope you are well, the energy continues to feel light and creative and we still have some of that strong and structured energy around, the type that is like the steel girders that go up first when a new high rise is being built. These are necessary as you are creating your dreams and you want them to last but at the same time balance is needed so be aware of planning everything down to the last detail which leaves no room for the magic to happen. Also if we are too rigid and set we focus on the execution and move away from the present.


Life is about enjoying the journey in the moment not at some destination or event in the future, that only leads to frustration and disappointment. Also by being overly attached to the outcome you can actually squeeze the life out of the energy or worse miss your creation when it comes as you were expecting it in another form. So this is a tricky one and means that you have to develop your conscious awareness in each moment. Our days are full of decisions that we make in a split second throughout the day, these decisions affect our journey and to some extent out destiny. It is better to make those consciously! Awareness is key.


It is also important to have clear and established boundaries and this energy will be coming in strong over the weekend, truths need to be told and it will be ok. It is amazing what can happen when everyone is clear about what is going on, what is expected and what is overstepping the mark. It is liberating as you don’t need to worry that someone is misinterpreting what you are saying or getting carried away hitching themselves to your dream. We can share dreams in sorts, we can accompany each other on our journeys but are paths are separate and distinct.


Imagine your path just like a path/road, winding through the countryside and towns, that is actually how I see your path. Sometimes you have someone walking with you and sometimes you are alone but it is always your path.


There are big changes coming and this is going to shake up your dreams, although this may seem a little confusing it is a good thing. When everything gets a little turned upside down we can see what sticks, what is solid and grounded, rather than being distracted by the pretty stuff. This is what I see, it’s like we are planning a new building and rather than focusing on the structure and the foundations we are distracted by how we are going to decorate it, which really is inconsequential at this point and can be changed at any point, in fact the décor of this building can be changed whenever we feel like.


It’s a bit like my future, I see many different destinations geographically but this doesn’t matter where or when as that is the scenery I am choosing or it is where I need to be to meet whomever it is I need to meet, the core of me however is unchanging as the core of me is LoveLightJoy ( a word used by Inelia Benz, which I think awesomely describes this new paradigm energy that we have)


First however there will many changes within you, changes that will bring you to your own lovelightjoy, if you make that choice. The changes will happen and be presented to you but as always free will says you can say no if you want and many people do time and time again. This is why I am so involved with those that take my course, fear of change can make you run back to your old habits even if they were destructive they were familiar. This is why it is a huge energy exchange between us as my job goes beyond teaching you, I am there to bolster and encourage but also to turn your head show you that if you keep walking you will see that this storm overhead is a good thing and there are blue skies ahead. Of course I cannot make you see and I am not invested in that, these are your choices but know that the door is always open.


So the most important thing at the moment is to bring your conscious awareness to each moment and stay in the present. Do what you need to do to have strong firm foundations but be wary of over control and micromanaging, it is the balance between flow and action.


So have a wonderful day Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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