April 30th 2017 Energy Forecast



Good Morning I hope you are well, everything feels as though it is getting shaken up a bit and you may feel this, don’t allow this to trigger a fear response in you, it is fine, just keep breathing and wait for the dust to settle, then look around you with new eyes.


There is going to be a need in your this week to stay home and sort your house out, whether that is spring cleaning, decorating or just general nesting, you will also feel safest at home and it the need to create a safe and nurturing space will be high on your list.


This is great but there is a need to learn when you are nesting and when you are hiding. There is much to do and rest periods are very important but so is pushing forward and sometimes pushing through hurdles. It is a delicate balance, so it is important that you develop your own self enquiry. To ask yourself those questions am I resting or am I avoiding?


You may also feel the need to lock yourself away, that maybe you have opened a can of worms you wish you hadn’t. Change can be tough but it is necessary and rewarding, it’s just that initial reaction of shit what have I done. Life may have been miserable or unsatisfying before but at least I knew the rules of the game and what to expect. Don’t worry about this it is normal and won’t last forever and then the new will become the familiar. Think of it a bit like moving from junior school to high school. One minute you are the top of the school, you know it all, you have a confidence and a swagger, there’s not much about being a junior student that you don’t know. But you are ready, ready for a greater challenge for more learning, to exert your mark on the world and then you have your first day at high school, this is way outside your comfort zone, you are the baby once more, where has the swagger and the confidence gone? Before you know it though, you are in the  second year and starting to get a handle on it.


There are going to be many changes over the next few months, some destruction and some creation, space is being made and the playing fields levelled. Sometimes this will be brutal and sometimes a blessed relief but change will occur and it needs to. Just remember that nothing is without value and nothing is pointless, there is a reason for everything, these will all help us grow, if that is what we chose. Remember in life we have free will, so as much as we are guided, as often as the opportunities arise, we have the choice whether to leap forward or fall back.


Because of the changes there will be a lot of fear generated, be aware of this and step out of it if you can. Have faith that all that is happening is a good thing and truly believe that you will never be presented with anything that you can’t handle. This life isn’t a cruel and heartless place, it is full of beauty and wonder, a reflection of your true self, once you see that you can embrace it and when enough people do that, the world will literally change…..it already is.


So don’t worry if everything feels a little odd and you want to hide under the duvet, it is all ok but I am here if you need a chat.


Have a great Sunday, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx




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