April 29th 2017 Energy Forecast



Good Morning I hope that you are well, this morning I feel the energy of acceptance but also appreciation, sometimes once we accept a situation we can appreciate its importance or the lessons that we learned. There is much that we need to accept and then release, we also hold onto things way past their usefulness, or even past their life. Grudges hurt no one but the person holding them and acceptance allows you to just let it go. Even if you can’t see the lesson straight away you can just accept that sometimes these things just happen and let it go.


It is up to you whether you leap baggage free into your future, leaving everything behind or whether you risk missing the train as you are unsuccessfully dragging 3 cases and trunk behind you. The future isn’t about being right, holding on to issues as you think it makes you smart, or putting up the walls to protect yourself from what is out there. The future is open and expansive, trusting and compassionate. We have to take responsibility for our own lives and own actions and therefore rather than blame, where is our responsibility. If we loaned someone money and they didn’t pay it back, that is our responsibility, we made the decision to loan the money, if we didn’t make that choice, then they couldn’t have made their choice. Their choice is their business. When it comes to money there is a saying that live by, only loan what you can afford to give, then when or if they don’t pay you back it doesn’t become an issue in your world. The other thing is to give unconditionally, if you give money to a homeless person for example, if they decide to spend that money on alcohol that is their choice, who are we to judge, once that money leaves my hand it is no longer my money.


It is the same with loving, being, aiding whatever we have to give it unconditionally. It can often get confusing as we think of energy exchange and balance. I was here for you or I helped you and now you need to help me, this leads to many fall outs and anger. Balance doesn’t quite work that way, we live a long life and balance has a way or working itself out, paying it forward is another type of balance in action.


So think about that, about giving freely, without conditions or expectations. I helped out an old friend a few weeks ago, I had not seen her for many years but the universe led me to her as she needed a hand, not help just a hand, so off I trundled and gave her a hand. Human nature in a duality being what it is there was a little suspicion; did I have an ulterior motive? So she asked me straight….love the honesty of my friends. Why? I was stumped….well….ummm I don’t know, I hadn’t thought about it, ummm well you needed it and I could provide it and I just go where the Universe flows.


So for the next few days don’t over think it or over analyse, just go with your gut and your heart, flow where the universe takes you, doing what feels right and that is it.


Do something because you want to, without care for the opinion of others, without and end game, without the need to fulfil a role of helper or saviour….just do it because you can!.


Have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx

#energyforecast #globalenergy #unconditionallove #unconditionalliving #lovelife #lifeisawesom #iloveeveryone


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