April 26th 2017 New Moon Taurus Energy



Good morning I hope you are all well, we have had a shift in energy once more and this feels more grounded and stable than the energy of the last few weeks. You should feel a little more safe and secure as some of the energy recently has felt a little bit like someone threw your board of life up into the air.


Although things have changed significantly for everyone this year it is time for a bit of a break, something more familiar and comforting. Although don’t be fooled that nothing is happening, it is, just at a foundation level, You are more sure of the direction you need to take and the options for you to move forward. Moving forward however can be scary and we have been pushed cajoled and sometimes frightened into taking a look at our issues or making that leap. Sometimes we need a little reassurance and hand holding and this is what this energy feels like.


However this is also a time that your shadow side, that controlling element within you may come to the fore, this is something that you need to be aware of and do something about otherwise before you know it you could be back to the last cycle where you felt the need to control dominate and project outwards your demands.


The new moon that we have this afternoon brings with it great change as I have mentioned but also a reminder of our dreams and what it is that we want to create this cycle. For those taking my course next week, write down what you would like to gain, what your short-term  & long term goals are in every aspect of your life, wish it on the moon, put it away and we can come back to it later. In fact for those not doing the course, do the same. It is a good idea to put these in a box or envelope so you can look back and see for yourself what you have created.


Letting go of control is the most beautiful and peaceful state to be in, although the hardest thing to do. I don’t know if any of you have abseiled but the hardest and scariest part in taking yourself over the first lip, stepping over that point of no return but then once you have done that the experience is amazing. Letting go of control is like that. I create and manifest in my life, I flow and follow the signs and cues but I don’t have control over anything, as that would not only suck the life out of the energy it would also limit my possibilities and choices.


So again we have seemingly opposite energies and this will continue as it is part of transcending duality into unity, we will be uniting these opposites until we experience them as unity, until we experience ourselves in Unity.


These are amazing and extraordinary times, I have the biggest grin on my face all the time as life is just awesome. The creation and creative energy around is totally fabulous and you can create your life like a conductor leading her orchestra.


Consider taking my course as I can show you how to dance with life, how to face your shadow side and bring it into the light with love understanding and compassion, how to live in balance harmony and unity, creating and receiving everything you could possibly desire. If you have issues with the cost, don’t let that stand in your way, get in touch with me and see if we can work something out. I love this course and the impact it has, which is why I am shouting it from the roof tops. As one course attendee remarked, your readings and daily posts have changed my perception of so much I look forward to working with you.


So enjoy this change in energy, feel the calm and steadiness but also the deep change within, the foundation building. Don’t run away or use it as an excuse to do nothing and don’t try and take control and micro manage, this is the little dictator within that is being brought out by this new moon.


Feel free to ask any questions, always happy to answer them and think about taking the processing course, are these tools you can really do without, think how they could transform your life.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx



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