October 23rd 2016 Energy

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Good Morning, I hope everyone slept well, I feel the energies beginning to lift again but this time it isn’t so intense but it is purposeful. The energy feels like a carefully thought out plan, you have done the work or the lion’s share of it already this year, you are ready, you know what you want. That is the key this is about what you want, not what you think you should want, or what would be best for the family, this is about you.


I also feel the energy of turpitude, I had to look that one up, now this is not a great energy, it means depraved or wicked behaviour or character, “Something wicked this way comes”   came into my mind, from one of my favourite plays Macbeth, as a child I was fascinated by Shakespeare’s description of how the elements and the animals would reflect the imminent danger approaching, signs we should look for again. There are many changes occurring within us but also on the Global Stage, much that the eyes don’t see, but the heart knows and so do the hairs on the back of your neck, heed these well.


I also see a beautiful English country garden but not in the traditional sense more wild, it is time to be who you are not who you are told to be. To dissolve the conditioning of labels and categories, we are all things on the spectrum, we don’t have to limit ourselves to being one thing or the other and we certainly don’t get locked into a label at one point in time and to be forever that. This reminds me of my son when he was small and a friend’s son now; they are free to be whoever they want to be from moment to moment, the only criteria being that it feels good. If they want to be a twirling ballerina super hero because the tutu feels magical when they spin, they can be and they can totally immerse themselves in the moment, free of constraints and expectation. You can do that, you did it once with ease, do it again and seriously don’t worry what others would say, as in their hearts they are jumping for joy that you had the courage to express yourself and the freedom to love it.


I feel the energy of time but in a tic toc kind of way, what are you waiting for? Permission? The right time? Validation and assurance? (Wanted to say assurity but don’t think it’s a word, what is it with the words this morning?) Whatever you are waiting for stop or you will wait for ever. The time is now, can’t you feel it?  Can you hear your name being called?


I feel the energy of belief coming in strongly and the words of Ben Drew “If you don’t believe in something then you’ll fall for anything and if that happens then you’ve lost your way”

It is time to look at what you believe in, what is your reason for being here? Is it to work 40+ hours a week for a two break in the sun, year in year out? Do you feel as though life is a little mundane, it’s all routine and drudgery? Do you believe what you are told by the media, our government (yes little g) what do you believe.


Personally I believe in miracles, I believe we are all in this together and we will succeed in our journey together, I believe I chose to be here and I have work to do to help the move to unity. I believe in you and your capacity for love forgiveness and compassion, I believe that everything happens for a reason and is a signpost for us but mostly I believe in me, my purity of heart and everything I do. What do you believe, that you are willing to stand up and share that, to stand in your power and say this is what I believe, it matters not whether others agree or if they poke fun, I know what I know and that is enough for me.


I also feel the energy of simplicity, keep it as simple as possible, you can skip and back flip along your path when it is clear, also over complication is a condition of the duality, it feeds the ego when everything is either so complicated it is such a drama, or it requires an expert or it needs to be broken down into segments. Life really is incredibly simple and rewarding once you quieten the ego.


If you have ANY drama in your life it is due to an imbalanced ego and needs attention or you will find yourself down a blind alley, the ego loves to distract you with bull, that makes you feel really important but is ultimately meaningless and keeps you going round in circles on the spot. Be careful of this as the months continue to pass the blinkers are coming off and the everyone around will see you, turning on the spot whilst declaring I am so special, I am better than you because I am the fastest, the most clever….The most special. The thing is whilst you are still thinking in those terms…better than; more special you are firmly entrenched in the duality, a ship that is sinking rapidly.


For years I felt that life would become more and more like the story The Emperor’s New Clothes, those strongly aligned to the power struggle of the duality will become like the Emperor, strutting around naked whilst believing he is in his finery, just as those refusing to leave the duality or accept a different way, shouting how successful and special they are when all we see is dense 3d energy, trapped in a stinking hole whilst we dance in the stars. Shine your light for those, as they know not what they do, I wouldn’t get too close though as they tend to bite.


So who are you, what are you and what are you going to do? You know, you really do, and you just need to quieten the roar around you.


Have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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