October 29th 2016 Energy Forecast



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Good morning I hope you are all well, hope inspiration and gratitude are at high levels this weekend, take some time to feel what in your life you are grateful for and ask for some more of that.


It is also time for plans to be made, what do you want to co-create? How do you want to be and how do you want your life to be, write it down if that helps and really sit with that list, do you want it, do you really?


So many live unconscious lives, they do what they do because they have always done it and so have their parents, without question. So much of our lives are done without question, we obey a sign, why, because it tells us to do something and that’s what we do, we do as we are told. We do not ask who creates and enforces that rule, is it a rule or a law how is it enforceable and why, why is it there, what is it for, we just obey.


We then feel that we have no power or control against the government or big business etc., (anyone tried getting out of a Vodafone contract haha) so to counteract our feelings of subordination and lack of control we dominate our fellow man, our neighbours, friends and family, the people who love us, support us and work with us, our allies and our strength, we turn on them to help assuage the feelings of powerlessness, in effect we turn on ourselves.


So before you tell someone where they are going wrong, judge someone on their life choices or try and get the upper hand just stop and think, why do I feel this way and why am I taking it out the person in front of me, it has nothing to do with them and everything to do with me, then do something about it.


Ok so that is the energy of responsibility and it is coming in strong. I also feel another energy it is brittle and rather fragile, it reminds me of a plastic washing basket that has been left out in the sun and starting to crack. We are breaking down all our old beliefs and conditioning, the thoughts that kept us small, recognise this and let go, down cling to the old and dying structures, turn your gaze forward a new way is here.


This life is all about people, connect everywhere you can. As I walk down the beach or the street I smile greet chat or just make eye contact with everyone (slightly trickier when in a city) what is alien to me is when you pass someone in the street as though you can’t see them, I have to acknowledge my fellow person and it always seems to be appreciated and reciprocated. When did we stop doing this, not that long ago, ask yourself why?


So the energy for today is love, compassion, responsibility, awareness and consciousness, unity, new beginnings and gratitude, hope, inspiration, courage.


Live your life consciously; it’s the only way to really participate.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx


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