October 26th 2016 Energy



Good Morning and I hope you are well, although you may a bit odd today, there are many shifts or ripples in the energy today, they started yesterday afternoon and will continue into the evening, so don’t worry if you feel a bit odd, sick or dizzy, it’s a bit like motion sickness and will pass, plus they will just come in little bursts. Just as we are dissolving and restructuring so is the Earth, so we feel some of the side effects. I do however feel that there is going to be a volcano or earth quake before Christmas, end of November/December as the pressure is building.


So like the Earth, what are you not saying or doing? How is the pressure building, is it rising to an explosion or are you suppressing it to an implosion, whichever way, address it now before it addresses you.


This year as I keep saying is going to end with a whip in the tail but we are all being given the opportunity to put our lives in order NOW, don’t let the ego distract you with drama and trivia, this is important stuff and please please please don’t think just because you have been in the spiritual community or reading tarot for last 20 years that you are spiritually advanced, you are not, the spiritual community or learning one distinct skill is the most limiting and damaging place to be. You have put yourself in a Perspex box and are not going anywhere but that’s ok everyone else around you has done the same and you feel fine. Stop and wake up you have amazing gifts and an amazing contribution to make at this amazing time; don’t miss it because you are in your box. So please stop and ask yourself how you have progressed in the last 10-20 years, how dramatically has your life changed, do you live in unity? Are you abundant in all areas including money? Do you live in your heart space and all the miracles that come with that? How have you progressed and how has it improved and totally changed your outer world?


I live in a completely different world to the one from 10 years ago, I understand things that my brain of 10 years ago was not equipped to know and every day brings something new, more powerful and more fabulous, if you are consciously walking your path with a commitment to processing, then you would be experiencing these things, if you are not then the simple fact is you are not consciously walking your path, no matter how many years you are been reading or healing etc.


A quick example of how limiting this way has been, everything is energy, whether you are reading divining or healing, it is all the same energy, which is why if you can work with energy you can do anything and ALL of us have the ability to work with energy, we do it daily unconsciously, imagine what you could do if you made it a conscious act. However when you train within the spiritual community everything is categorised, you are either a healer or reader and these are then divided even further into the types of healing or seeing. One in this box you apply your knowledge to your area only, cutting off or restricting all the other things you can do with energy. The reason I can do so much is I never went down that route I learnt from spirit, where you get to know everything and there are no boxes, division’s labels or categories.


So a slight detour but the energy around this week is about opening your eyes to what is really going on, within your community and within you. You know you are not making the changes or the commitment, as there are so many distractions and reasons not too but you also know that you are missing out on the greatest party on earth.


The energy of truth is strong and as we move into the weekend it is going to be making an impact in all your lives, so for the rest of this week, just begin to open up to the possibility that you may not be living as consciously as you thought. What have you got to lose, better to check than to live a lie.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx



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