October 31st 2016 Energy Forecast



Good Morning I hope you are all well, so today brings in fresh new energy, new beginnings, new ways of being and seeing and new ways of doing. Do something new or differently today, shake it up a bit and get yourself off auto pilot; you miss so much when you are not consciously aware.


The energy feels still and calm although I feel this is going to change come Wednesday and you may need to hold onto your hats as things are going to start moving fast and it may be the weekend again before you get to catch your breath.


For today though it is gentle calm something like wishful, yesterday and today is about dreaming your dreams, if you had a magic wand what would you do with it, what would you want to create? As yourself if you could make your life whatever you wanted by January what would that be? It doesn’t have to be specifics nor must you try to see the route there, that’s not how dreams work.


Compassion is around us always, so be kind, to everyone including yourself, we never know what it is like to be someone else and we have no idea what they are dealing with daily, so if that is our mum, sister, daughter, father, grandfather or son, wouldn’t we want strangers to treat them with respect and kindness. The one thing we can all give is our time; 5 minutes here or there can change someone’s day. I lost my phone on the beach and asked a man if he had seen it, he hadn’t but he said I will help you look, we spent the next 20 minutes or so walking on the beach but also chatting, that made my day, what a lovely selfless gesture and he is now a firm beach buddie, which are growing in numbers. Dog walkers and beach goers are a fabulous and very laid back community.


Do a little bit of something for someone else each day and you will be surprised at how awesome it feels, the wonderful feeling you get when someone smiles a big smile and you know you caused it. This will soon find its way back to you and before you know it your life is just one big pot of sharing, help, generosity, compassion and unity.


My energy used to say approach me if you dare, now it says, join me, walk with me, sit with me, share with me and people do. I love the new and amazing, interesting and insightful people I meet every day, everyone has a story and they just want to be seen and heard.


I see you! I hear you! I feel you!  Now turn and do the same for those you pass in the street or stand in the supermarket queue with. When someone needs your help go without thinking, don’t feel embarrassed or that someone else could do it better, just leap. You are giving them the biggest gift….YOU SEE THEM!


Today is the day you put down your anger, your need to be right, and your roles of victim, saviour, aggressor & martyr and choose another way. You don’t need to know everything or control everything but you do need to experience everything and that is what is missing in most people’s lives, when did life become a check list and a social media post?


Life changes and we move on, flowing, it is the only way; anything else is like shooting yourself in the foot.


Today is the first All hallows eve that I have not had my mum with me in 5 years, she has moved on, been reborn, started again, and how about we all do the same!


Have a wonderful day of love, laughter, compassion and NEW BEGININGS, or you can bring all of the old stuff back in and do the same old same old, the choice as always is yours, just make that decision conscious.


Love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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