October 25th 2016 Energy



Good Morning, I hope you slept well although there may have been a few disturbances. This morning the energy is very still, like you could hear a pen drop. It’s time to just stop, stop planning, stop fixing, stop excusing and denying, stop telling yourself it is great and this is what you want when it really isn’t. Stop pushing forward and papering over the cracks just stop.


You don’t need the answers right now, they will come but only when you stop. I feel the energy of clarity coming in , especially over the weekend but for now you need to stop and clear the space so that you can see clearly when the time is right and prepare yourselves as that time is coming. When you have the truth then you be spurred into action and you will do something about it.


For now though just be, know the keys to your cell will be with you shortly and you will know what to do. Sometimes change can be dramatic and happen in an instant just by speaking up, we hold our tongue for an easy life but easy for who? A simple change in attitude and energy can break a negative cycle that you have been hooked into for years.


I feel the energy of silence, this may not seem like an energy but that is what it feels like, no words, no noise, every cell in your body can just relax, no thoughts no actions just be, who does that anymore? Just sit and be, I make sure I do this every day and I couldn’t not. Try it today, just sit and breathe, don’t think about what you have to do or haven’t done, just notice the feeling of the breath going in your nose, the noise of the birds or the creaking of the house, notice how the air feels going into your lungs, how expansive that feels. Notice how as you breathe deeper and deeper that the muscles in your shoulders relax, in fact any tensions begin to melt away, just be in the moment, try this for about 5 or 10 minutes today, make a promise to yourself, it is a beautiful feeling.


I feel the energy of truth always and over the next few days this is going to ramp up, if your house is in order then all is good however if you are not be so truthful this will come out, The Emperor’s new clothes people, step up now as we don’t want to see you strutting your naked butt.


With the energy of truth people go one of two ways, either they are empowered, standing in their truth, saying what they believe and believing what they say, or they lie about everything, lie after lie after lie, walk away from these people, you cannot do anything with a liar, as they lie to themselves . However always leave the door open as people can turn it around in an instant but until they do, there is no value for anyone, only a strong likelihood they will drag you down with them.


Honesty and integrity is where it is at and this year will end with a whip in the tail for those that refuse to take responsibility. The blame culture is a condition of duality which we are moving out of , so chose what you align yourself to carefully and make that decision conscious. A choice is your responsibility regardless of whether choice was conscious or not, so make it conscious my friends or you will always believe that you are unlucky, hard done by, bullied or in the wrong place at the wrong time, No we are always exactly where we need to be, the crucial point is whether you see and learn the lesson and NO the lesson is not to learn that people are arseholes and protect yourself from that, if that is what you feel then the lesson is you are an arsehole and it’s time to accept that so that you can bring in a balanced state.


So we have a strong stable and still energy, draw it in and ground it, just be and let everything settle, feel peace and love for tomorrow new plans are in the making. These quiet times are important for so many reasons.


Love and laughter Michele xxx


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