October 22nd 2016 Energy

October 22nd 2016 Energy

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Good Morning I hope you are all well, the energy this weekend is very strong and clear, this is not going to be an up and down weekend, this is a weekend with purpose and it is time for some clearing out, on all levels. It is time to get your house in order, again on all levels. If you are unsure what to do , just start with your physical house, throw out and donate everything that no longer has value but don’t forgot just being able to enjoy looking at something is very valuable in deed. However junk and clutter must go, things that you don’t like but you keep as you feel you should as someone bought it for you, donate it, you are creating your space, so stop and really look, it is simple do you like it yes or no, do you use it yes or no, if no let someone else love it.


This is also the same with the people in your life, do you like them? Funny I know but amazing how many have people in their life that they don’t really like.  Reflect on this over the weekend and be discerning and protect your energy, some friendships can do more damage than you realise at the time. If someone is mean, destructive, negative or unsupportive, address this at the weekend, you could bring it to their attention or you could walk away but you must address it and make any decision or action conscious.


We have to take full responsibility for what we bring in and the life that we create and a big part of that is being aware of what we have in our life and whether that brings us balance and harmony or misery & frustration and then we need to do something about it.


The next few weeks are very much about action, doing, clearing, sorting, pruning and cutting. Some tough decisions need to be made and you need to stand by these, so think them through. Remember you can love someone but not appreciate their behaviour and sometimes their behaviour can outweigh everything else and become detrimental to all, this you will need to address. Remember to approach this with compassion and ensure you intentions are pure and you will get the result you desire, however do not come off your path to show another the way and do not try and drag them onto a path, all you can do is live the example.


People often get cross with me when I won’t attend a pity party or I am unavailable when someone is in ego and wanting validation for their excuses but I stand my ground as entertaining this would be ultimately valueless for all, however I am always here the second the ego is quietened and will walk with you for as long as you need, this is what you all need to be free to do. Hold your hand out for those that are ready and be an example for those that are still in denial but never despair, it takes but a second to open your eyes and see what is really going on and begin consciously walking your path.


By the end of the year we will all be accountable for our actions, ignorance of your actions or sleepwalking is a decision, it may be unconscious but a choice it is nonetheless. Make those decisions conscious, hold your head up high and begin walking because this is the route of miracles, of deep joy and love.


One last thing, look at whether you are flowing in life or avoiding responsibility? Are you making things fit so they reflect your idealised view of yourself, when we face ourselves vulnerable and naked in the mirror it is initially tough but then it is liberating…..anyone who wants to do the work will succeed I guarantee that as EVERYTHING is here supporting you….EVERYTHING!


If you have turned down a dark path, and I know many of you that have done this, it is never too late, just turn towards the light and let it in.


Have a good weekend, get active and if you have any questions do not hesitate to give me a shout.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxx


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