October 27th 2016 Energy

October 27th 2016 Energy

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Good Morning and I hope you all slept well, sleep has been heavy and there has been many things happening as you sleep, this is a good thing and you are processing and releasing at night, many are also receiving healing, so take it easy during the day, eat and drink well and rest when you can.


I feel the energy of responsibility and this is two- fold, firstly due to the pressures of life we feel burdened by our responsibilities, especially when we compare that with what we perceive those around us have to do. Looking after children is incredibly stressful and the responsibility usually, not always, falls on the mother. Sometimes the pressure becomes too much and childcare is seen as a burden, this can be applied in all areas, work, looking after a parent, being the head of the family or wage earner.

There are so many ways in which we can feel the pressure; however this is just a mind-set, a point of view. If this is you step back as far as you can and look at your life through the eyes of a third person and look for the blessings. Bringing up children is tough, especially on your own but wow is it the greatest blessing too and it is for such a short amount of time, what if you couldn’t have children at all, what if your children were sick? Look at what you are doing, you are creating life, you are supporting and nurturing our future leaders, you are passing a piece of you along. You co-created that person and you have a friend for life. Responsibility is tough at times but wow think of your life without it, full stop.


The second way responsibility is coming is in taking responsibility for yourself your actions and everything that occurs in your life, you created that, even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time, you set the ball in  motion somewhere along the line. For example if you always want your own way at work and tittle tattle about other employees or gossip, or maybe you take quite a few Fridays off, (but you have concerts to go to and weekends away) then you will most likely be sacked.


Now there are two ways to deal with this, either you would step back and see that you weren’t the best employee and they weren’t getting value for money and you could have done better. You see why they sacked you and work on improving that. Or you could blame your bosses for personally attacking you and your co-workers for having it out for you and the whole thing being a set up and you never liked the stupid job anyway. This way you are angry at everyone else and you are free to make the same mistakes again and again and again, proving that the world is a tough place and you are really unlucky. Maybe one day you will catch a break hey?


However in this new world we find ourselves in, the first incident or sacking was the tap on the door to say address your behaviour, ignore it and the next incident will be like having your door kicked in, as you may have to face a disciplinary or you may lose your house. Ignore taking responsibility and continue to blame others for your misfortune and the lessons will get harsher and harsher until and bulldozer comes into your life and you are left with nothing but yourself and even then some still won’t face the reality. YOU CREATED THIS……..SO YOU CAN CREATE SOMETHING DIFFERENT!


Responsibility it can set you free and empower you or it can be an unbearable burden, whatever your choice, make it a conscious one.


I also feel the energy of liberation and freedom, yeah I feel so many getting up from oppressive situations and breaking free, this is ramping up for around Christmas and I feel there will be many marriage break ups in the months to come, this however is a good thing and doesn’t need to have the acrimony of the past. Cycles end, no one needs to be blamed, acceptance is the key.


Also learn how to be free to be yourself, so many are frozen under the weight of others perceived scrutiny and judgement, this is all in your head. I laugh loudly and always have much to the dismay and embarrassment of my parents, sssssshhhhh has been the constant cry, what will people think, you are drawing attention to us, it’s rude, just sshhhhhh HOWEVER people may look but they smile, or giggle too, laughter is contagious. If my parents had stopped and seen the reactions, everyone would join together and laugh, there was no need to be embarrassed. A natural and beautiful reaction that spreads is now seen as something special, that I have super confidence to laugh like that in public and not care, or others say I wish I could be more like you……this is a simple and automatic reaction and you don’t need anyone’s permission or acceptance and those around you will benefit greatly and they also won’t be offended that is just another of our stupid assumptions about others that keep us small.


So go and show the world your inner sparkle and LAUGH.


Lot of love laughter and taking responsibility, have a good day Michele xxxx


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