October 28th 2016 Energy Forecast

October 28th 2016 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hoped you slept well, so the energy has lifted once more and it feels faster and clearer, very zippy. It feels a bit like a firefly flitting around, leaving a drop of light and magic on every leaf it lands on. Apply this to your life over the next few days, what in your life would you land on and light up with magic?


What really works for you, what makes you smile with joy and your heart sing? Sit for a while as it can take some time to get past your expectations and judgements, so many people have dreams that are fed to them by the media and peers than are created by what they really desire.


I also feel hope inspiration and passion, which is wonderful and these will be around all over the weekend and are here to help you see what the world of your dreams would look like. Hope will help you put the bad times behind you, yes they may have happened and yes they may have been tough but they are done and you are the awesome person you are because of it, you are more rounded and have greater depth and compassion of others, so take that and leave the rest behind. Your future is bright; it is only you that will bring the past into your bright fresh future.


We all need to be inspired daily, we don’t know it all nor have we done it all, not even a fraction so let inspiration guide you it will take to the secret garden where you can dance sing and discover the true beauty of this world.


Passion is a wonderful thing, it spurs us on when we would fall to the side, it over rides the mind and the ego and pushes us to achieve great things, don’t confuse this with obsession though. I see many people obsessed with a person or a thing as they think this is the solution to their problems, their way out as they feel trapped by their current circumstances, this rarely ends well as this is fear based energy and not based on real feelings.


Hope is the leveller, it helps to dilute the fear based rubbish that you are bombarded with every day by the media and government and by those that suck it up like a sponge, none of this is real and if you take it on board it sedates you or freezes you, without hope we all die as what is the point. Fear drains you and makes you want to crawl back under the covers, it robs you of your passion, so for every doom monger there is out there, there is a big bucket of hope, alternatively come and live in my world for a while and you will never believe that bull again.


So it’s time to make a choice do you want to be Eeyore or Winnie the Pooh, are you bored yet of your own moaning or how many times you can discuss a bit of drama? Do you talk more than you do, that is a big sign, and we should all talk less than we do?


You all have a choice right now , to sit around moaning about what you don’t have, or what someone has done to you or how life just isn’t fair or you are unlucky and seriously if I hear from someone that the reason they are poor is because money doesn’t mean anything to them as they are on their spiritual journey and they are not materialistic and therefore better than those that pursue gold, then I say you are both out of balance, you can’t eat positive affirmations and watching your money grow doesn’t give you the heart feeling of watching a loved one grow.


Take today to really have a look at who you are and where you are as tomorrow you will looking to see where you want to go.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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