October 24th 2016 Energy

October 24th 2016 Energy

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Good Morning, I hope you all slept well, so we start another week and how the time flies, have you noticed how much time is speeding up? The last month seems to have gone in the blink of an eye and this will continue until the end when it closes with a whip of the tail, many cycles will be coming to an end and it will be your choice whether this ends on a high or if you get knocked to the ground, the choices are made every day by your actions and decisions, honesty and integrity being key.


It doesn’t always matter what we achieve it is our intention that counts, when we make mistakes this is fine too, it is what you do after that counts, if you hold your hands up and sort the mess out, learning from the experience that is great, if you hide or blame this is not so great and you will get whipped.


I feel the energy of new growth of new being, it is time to do and be all the things you wanted to be. Just sit or stand and breathe in the air, can you feel the infinite possibilities available to you? Can you smell dreams coming true? Yet how can your dreams come true when you really don’t know what they are, not really, not truly, not from your heart. Most people’s dreams come from their mind where they are there to soothe or satisfy the ego, or they come from fear, a fear that riches or marriage will dissolve, or so they think. These dreams will never bring you joy and peace as they do not come from the heart. Draw in the energy of clarity to help you with this.


As above so below, apply this to your life and bring it into order, to live in unity both sides need to come into the light for balance and you can’t do that while looking the other way. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of when facing your dark side, every single one of us has it but you can reconcile them and bring in unity, transcending the dense duality we currently occupy.


I also see fire and a phoenix rising, for many you will feel as though everything is falling apart and as we head towards the end of the year some may feel as though they are on an express train of destruction but rather than running and hiding in fear this is a good thing, look at what is going on and see what your lesson is, what you are being shown not about others but about you and then you can rise reborn from the ashes, which is perfect as you have a blank canvas to create exactly what makes your heart sing; Yet, as with most things you can’t do this with your eyes closed.


I see fire again, so much of the dross of our lives hides what really matters and this is going to be burnt away so that we can see clearly. As things speed up more and more it is a case of attend to your life or it will done for you.


We are all getting the call and next year you will be called to stand up for what you believe in, to stand in your power for what is right and true, liars and politicians will no longer be tolerated.


Ground Ground Ground, do you have a good grounding technique that you do daily? I will look at posting one on here later, you should always ensure that you are grounded, the energies are fast and strong at the moment and will affect great changes so ground, yourself and these energies for the good of the planet.


Don’t ever forget that we are all in this together, it may seem like chaos and that we are descending into madness but we are not, this is all part of the path for us, so grab some faith and know that there are many of us, millions, that know what we are doing, we have been exploring this new world for the past 4 years, we have experienced the transition and now we can light the way for you. If you have met me you will know how excited and inspired I am by this world, how I can see the bigger picture and it always pans out as I see it, you see the integrity and passion in my eyes, you see that I live this, it isn’t happy thoughts plastered over inner turmoil, I am peace, love light and laughter and if I can do it, if I can stretch time, manifest with ease and wake each morning with excitement for the day…….then so can you my friend, I am not special or unique, I am not crazy or deluded, I am a living example of your path.


So grab some focus, commitment, dedication and start walking because from where I am standing I don’t see why you wouldn’t.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxx


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