October 30th 2016 Energy Forecast


img_0472-1October 30th 2016 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope you slept well, the energy is rather poppy and zingy today and you may be up earlier than usual. It feels like there is no time to waste, it’s time to get moving with those plans.  You know what they are, you have heard the whispering all year, something has been calling you, and there is more to life and more for you to do.


What is coming in for you is like nothing you have experienced before, this is a new world with new rules, so throw all your preconceptions to one side and explore.


Do you feel the slight shape of a plan forming? Allow this, haven’t you had that feeling all year that something big is going to happen, or something is going to change, well now is the time so don’t restrict it, flow with it, you have been getting ready all year for this. Unless you have been sticking your head in the sand and ignoring the calling. So many have due to an imbalanced ego, you will know this as you either have a scatter gun approach to everything, trying many different things and getting nowhere with any of them. Or you are becoming more aggressive and trying to force things to fit, either approach does not come from your heart and will ultimately fail; we are moving away from the mind centred paradigm and into a heart centred one.


This is a world of unity we are moving into, so if you are still trying to master and control the old world of duality then you are clinging to a sinking ship, just let go, scary as that may be, entertain for a second that you don’t know it all, in fact you don’t know much about this new world and then let your heart lead you, you can’t go far wrong.


It is time to look at yourself clearly in the mirror, who is this person in front of you, are you in ego? Are you kidding yourself? Have you put yourself in a Perspex box, do you genuinely and wholeheartedly love others, do you have ultimate faith in yourself and your path that you can jump into the unknown? Out of everything that we can manifest and co-create this should be the first step, get to know who you are and take the blinkers off who you think you are. Remember I talk of the Emperor’s new clothes and you may have seen it all around you, those in ego strutting around declaring they are right or special, talking nonsense and being butt naked, whilst convinced everyone thinks they are awesome, whilst those who are conscious just stare in disbelief. These people are not hypocrites, although their behaviour often implies that, no they are just completely unaware of the tricks their ego is pulling and they have no idea who they are or have any connection to themselves. Just shine your light so if they want to see they can.


I have the energy of fresh spring and new beginnings, wipe the slate clean and start again, if someone wants to bring you back to your past or remind you or who you were then just walk away, or you could say, to change is to grow, if I still believed only what I used to believe, then my life would be wasted.


Recognising when your ego is out of balance and addressing this is the hardest yet most important aspect of your life right now. If you allow your ego remain dominant then it will lead you down a blind alley. One of my jobs is to work with people’s ego’s and they are tricky little critters, so people often react with anger but how they react is a great indicator of their own thought processes. Ego controlled people project their issues, reaction and thoughts onto you and then react to them, that is why ego controlled people do not really need the other person say a word for them to have a fight with them, they are just fighting themselves.


So today sit and reflect on yourself, how much in ego are you, if you answered instantly to that then you are in ego. It is important to get beneath the lie we tell ourselves and really take a look; it is worth it as it is the key to freedom.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx






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