July 5th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope you are well, there is an excitable energy around that feels a little more purposeful and structured than the usual hyper moon energy.

It is a mixture of passion, assuredness and purpose. It’s the kind of energy that makes you think not that you can leap over tall buildings but just casually step over them.

This is the energy that you want to draw down, to bring into your life and let it help you, let it ignite something in you, rather than the alternative manic energy that the full moon can bring about. It’s all about awareness, action and what you choose in each moment.

There are some great shifts to be made during this moon phase, which is why I have recorded a visualisation to help you use this energy and I will be creating more for you. Every day that you are ignorant to the benefits and effects of the moon and don’t grab those opportunities and fly with it is a wasted opportunity!

Make that shift from a mental musing to seeing how it affects you and letting it help you!

Sometimes it feels a bit like this.

I am stood looking at a skyscraper with a group of people. Everyone is saying wow that looks amazing, I bet the view from the top is awesome, we need to get there, So I say the stairs are right behind you and the door is open.

Everyone continues to look up at the roof of the skyscraper talking about how amazing it would be up there, so I say again just look behind you, there are the stairs and the door is open. It would be impossible to get up there, it’s only for the uber rich I bet , the group says and security will be high. If only…. Again I say there is the door to the stairs, it will take you to the roof, the group continue to stand admiring the building. So I go up to the roof and wave down at them. Wow, who do you know that works here that let you in they ask, No one I reply, Whoa you must be magic then, did you fly? NO I USED THE FECKING STAIRS!!!!

Think about this over the weekend, is this you? Do you believe that all you can obtain in life is the life you are leading?

What passions have been stirred in you this year, where is your path leading you. You have a choice this weekend to let the energy of this full moon pick you up, throw you around and leave you angry anxious or in despair or you can bring your awareness to it, see what is going on and work with it.

You have tools all around to help you, use them!

Everyone is the same, so don’t think you are being foolish or getting it wrong but you are letting opportunity pass you by and hooking into the same old same old. You are changing habits and rewiring thought processes just by becoming more self aware and this takes time. Do a little each day.


These are conversations I regularly have with students. “ oh I don’t know what to do, should I do this this or this, I think if I do this it’s ego but then my mind is saying I should do this, ahhhh I feel like I am going crazy”

ME: Process it using the tools you have and then make your decision.

“Yeah I just don’t know should I follow my heart is it my heart is it my ego oh I am so confused what do you think”

ME Process it and then the decision will be clear.  Don’t do anything until you have processed it.

Yeah I hear you but is this the right way to go, should I give them another  chance but then is that my fear or is it love, oh I just wish my mind would shut up, what should I do

ME Process it and the questions will go, you will know what to do

Ok I will try but I am really busy at the moment

ME Ok that is ego, you can find the time, now go and set your intentions

A couple of hours later, Hey, So I did my processing and  I know exactly what to do it is all cool and I feel fab and have a plan forward…simple!

I will always point in you in the right direction but I cannot make you see hear understand or take action but I will always be here, showing you that the stairs are right behind you. Understand this and then expand it outward, the energies all around are here to help you too, to get you into position, to fill you full of strength to get you to see the staircase right behind you and you can climb!


Become more conscious in each moment and it will help you see the bigger picture, it will help you see that you are an active part in this, life doesn’t just happen to you, you create it.Whether you know it or not, not seeing the stairs is also a choice and right now that maybe  the right choice for you just own it as a choice, rather than feeling like a victim.


So allow this intense energy of the full moon guide you, to show you what you need to see


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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