Energy Forecast for the Month of July

Hey All

Michele Elizabeth 1

I have recorded this months energy forecast and it is available to those who sign up for my newsletter. Sign up for my newsletter but also access to my new teaching site!

You also get the chance to win a free psychic reading from me.

I also share my latest reunion with a dear old friend in spirit, Simon and our walk along the beach.

I am developing a great new teaching site to help you consciously walk your path. I introduce you to the basics , with some easy to follow steps and advice.

For those who want to commit to their development I have some awesome online courses that will teach you how to create the life of your dreams.

If you want to then take it to the next level I will be putting together A small Mystic Mastermind Class that will blow your mind!

I hope you join up there is so much to help you live a blissful life.

I also have a couple of slots this week available for Tarot and Soul Path Readings, they can be great for some insight and direction, just send me a message. Or why not learn for yourself with this great course Learn to Read Tarot with Michele Elizabeth


Have a wonderful day, love and laughter Michele xxxxx






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