April 4th 2017 Energy Forecast


April 4th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good morning and I hope you slept well, I slept for a long time last night with no apparent dreams, a deep repairing dream. I have been doing a lot of energy work and healing over the last week  as well as physical activities and last night was a deep recharge…love it. Rosco came up for cuddles and neither of us moved all night…bliss.


The energy I feel today is rather quiet but there is a feeling that storm is brewing, that there may be trouble ahead. Now this needs picking apart on the one hand this is human energy that is focused on the future and anxious about the present but also there are big changes coming and for some that may come with drama. But remember how you react or respond is your choice, nothing has to be dramatic unless you make it way.


I drive people mad I know because I see the silver lining in everything, I get so excited when people tell me of the big changes that seem to stampede into their lives, oh but that is a good thing I cry because then this this and this can happen, or it has cleared the way for this to happen, or it has got you into position for this to happen, or can you see how in an instant your mind set changed and then this happened.


So when things begin to change and it feels negative this is what I suggest, firstly ask what the lesson is, what is this showing me about myself, what do I need to look at or address. Then process that stuff, then ask how is this helping me on my path, could this be getting me into position for me to be able to create my dreams. You don’t need the ultimate answers but you do need a different story from the dramatic and negative my whole life is falling apart one.


My mother always used to tell me as a child not to throw the child out with the bath water and that is so true, one little knock can throw us in to a spin and before you know it we are dragging every negative issue we have or have ever had into the mix until we have created a massive bucket of manure and tipped it all over our lives. We make it grow until it overwhelms us…that is the ego getting us to do nothing, maintaining the status quo. Reverse it and just take one little issue at a time….what is my lesson and how does it serve me and what is the bigger picture?


You may feel drawn to being a homebody at the moment and this is great just go with it, It may not be your plan but right now what does that matter, go where it feels good.


Keep grounding and keep maintaining your inner balance as there is a lot of energy that is here to ignite your inner spark and this can cause fires if not handled properly. Imagine that your issues, anxieties and insecurities are a big hay bale, the spark may just set them on fire if you are not aware of them. Time to really face yourself in the mirror, You don’t need to fix and release all those issues but if you are aware of them, they are less likely to catch fire.


The turbulence we are experiencing will continue for a while but it is not a bad thing it is good, contact me if you have any concerns.


My courses are really coming together, they will be long and short, paid and free but the benefits are amazing. Let me know any areas you would like to tackle or have concerns with and I can create something to address this.


Have a wonderful day, love and laughter Michele xxxx


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