April Full Moon 29/30 2018, LOVE, HOME & SUCCESS


On the 29/30th we have the second full moon of the month, which is not that unusual but it is the second month this year that has seen two full moons, which is. I see this as a clear and direct sign that we are out of alignment with the cycle of the moon, nature and ourselves. We had the first double moon in January and this began our journey into finding out who we are and what we want, with plenty of opportunities to bring ourselves back into alignment.If you look back on this year so far I am sure you can see how this has played out for you too. 

The full moon on the 29/30th brings this to a culmination and we will see how far we have come back into alignment. We will truly see and feel the rewards we have reaped and will continue to do because of the work we have done this year so far.

This has been a year of finding out what is really important to us, what we love to do, what fills us with passion and purpose. We have been clearer than ever about what is no longer acceptable and have found our voice and the strength to stand firm. We have also seen our darker sides and had many opportunities to face our fears and do the work necessary. It hasn’t been easy and I know how hard those revelations we have about ourselves can be but it is always worth the work and this full moon is going to show you that.

The moon is related to our emotions, a full moon amplifies these emotions so it is a great time for processing, as it will either show you how you have balanced your emotions or it will bring to the surface emotions that need attention. The full moon will illuminate the dark recesses within and shine a spotlight on the areas you need to look and this is a good thing, we all have work to do. During a full moon, the sun is directly opposite the moon, this is a time when polarities come up in stark contrast, so get your pads out and get processing.

Think back to the last new moon, the time of new beginnings and fresh starts, what did you put out there? What intentions did you set, what new dreams had you discovered? What did you finally let go of? This full moon is your opportunity to fine tune this, to see how much is already falling into place and if you can’t see anything just step back a bit and look again, often we are so focused on things happening one way, we miss it when it shows up in a different way.

You are a creator and this full moon is a great opportunity for you to see that in action. 

The energy of this full moon is focused on the family and home, any issues within the home will come into sharp focus and this will be a great opportunity for you to say or do what needs to be done, the energy will support you as it is determined and strong. This isn’t a courageous energy it is just pure straight and strong, this will help you stand in your own power, as this is your truth and  from here you can achieve anything.

It is a great time to start delegating more, whether at home or work, the burdens you may be feeling can be relieved but you will have to organise that yourself but luckily the energy is going to help you here, again this is about you doing what you feel is right. This will also help with any negative mindset you may have about the responsibilities you have, sometimes we get into a moaning mindset which we just need to snap out of it, other times we need to speak our mind and stand up for ourselves.

Relationships are going to be coming into focus too, all kinds of relationships but in particular love and work, although the family is pretty high oh and friends, ok all types of relationships. Those relationships that just aren’t working will be shown in high definition and you will be ready and prepared to deal with this, you know what you do and don’t want, what you will compromise on and what you won’t, this year has been preparing you for this, so it will all be good.

Clear communication is the key, it may resolve the issue and move your relationship onto the next level or it may be the end of the relationship but it will be one or the other. New relationships, partnerships, marriage and engagements are really supported with this energy as there is in addition to this determined and strong energy, unconditional love by the bucket loads, add this to our revelations we have had about ourselves this year and boom we are ready and open to love, to give and receive, let’s all get swept along this tide of love, this also included business relationships, unconditional love is hugely creative, a business built on this will succeed.

A full moon always brings into sharp focus polarities and this is going to be seen clearly in this full moon, the sharp divide there is now between the angry and fearful and the loving and peaceful, the dishonest and greedy, the giving and the honest. The mass awakening is in full swing, the tide turned a couple of years ago, so there is no turning back and If you look you can see it all around you.

This is also a good opportunity for us, we should look for those qualities within us, how may some of our actions be rooted in fear or when do we act less than honestly, little or big it doesn’t matter. It is the perfect time to unite those polarities!

We all have a choice in each moment how we are going to react to this info and how maybe there is an alternative viewpoint and response, when we become aware that we have a tendency to think of the worst case scenario, we can stop ourselves and do it differently.

Really connect in with the energy of this full moon as you will see or rather believe that you really can do this, you are already beginning to see your dreams coming true. 

Each month I hold an online guided meditation helping you work with the energies of the full moon, these are not global healing meditations, this is all about you! Helping you to release, manifest and embrace the awesomeness the universe has to offer, I would love for you to join me on Monday 30th at 9am BST. Sign up for your free invitation here 


Have a fabulous day Michele xx



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