April 19th Energy Forecast  – A great time for communication

Good Morning and what a wonderful morning it is too, very lively and spirited, I want to backflip across the sky, today feels like it is going to be a fun day.

This is the most sociable we have probably felt for a while, enjoy today as the energy coming in tomorrow is going to have us wanting to stay close to home, in a good way.

Today the clarity continues but it is moving forward from the big truth focus,  it’s like, right, you have seen what you needed to see now let’s do this. 

If we look back last week we were all about our emotions, our self-love and dreams, then we moved into releasing and setting intentions for what we wanted to change and create, we then let that settle in, shifting our mindset and belief systems and now we have a mental clarity that is aiding our communication in all things. 

From our mental clarity, we are going to move into our physical environment, our home and security and that is the theme of the energy coming in tomorrow.

There is such a beautiful pattern to the energy, working with it, seeing your life with this added perspective makes life less confusing yet at the same time incredulous. The moon and the cycles of the moon are always going to affect us, whether we are aware of this or not so better to work with it.

Join me each month in a full moon meditation and Josh each new moon and really work with the energy and cycles of the moon, sign up here it’s free quick and easy and you will be sent your invitations to each meditation via email 


It is a great day to go out and see friends and family or to take some me time, whatever you feel like doing just do it, it is a day for you to sparkle and have some fun. The world, your world is an awesome place so today spend some time just appreciating that in the simplest of ways.

It is also a great day for work, making those contacts, getting those contracts drafted, putting some plans into place, just be wary of being in too much of a rush, stay present and grounded in the moment.

This is a great time for speaking your truth, not only will the words flow naturally they are also more likely to be heard. So speak from the heart and all will be good, in fact, you may be surprised at how receptive those in your life are.

Have a fabulous day.

Love and Laughter Michele xxxx


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