January 21st 2018 Energy Forecast – Choices!


Good morning I hope you are well, the soft gentle intuitive energy continues, allow this energy in and work with it. Feel deep inside and seek what is important, it is often a little different to what the mind seeks.

It is time to go below the surface as that is all duality conditioning, you may think it’s what you want, what you dream of, what will make your life better easier happier but that is mainly the illusion of the mind. So sit dig deep and find what it is that you really yearn for, not with your mind but with your heart and intuition.

Tomorrow the energy changes and it is going to be a force to be reckoned with , this is strong powerful and assertive energy, the opposite of today. I can feel it rushing in like a march wind but it is not here to knock you over it is here to help you make the right decisions, to push forward with the change that you wish to create but first you need to work out what that is.

Enough with settling, of making do, sacrificing yourself for the perceived happiness of others, enough with putting yourself to the back of the pile or waiting for someone to notice you and do something for you, enough with the waiting.

Unity has no place for martyrs or drama queens, so if that is your bag, you might want to start looking at that and processing it. No matter how worthy you may think putting yourself last is, it isn’t that is duality conditioning that you really want to be looking at processing.

The duality mindset is what keeps you trapped in either or, just enough, , unity is about having it all and lots of of it. Duality is all about suffering , denial, conflict and the repeating loop of being ok and then the shit hitting the fan. Duality is a rollercoaster, that for generations our ancestors had little awareness of, it was only enlightened beings that saw beyond the veil of conditioning and saw life how it was and the extraordinary possibilities once you looked beneath duality. Da’VInci, Einstein, Tesla, to name a few they knew.

However life has changed dramatically since those times, that awareness is available to all of us, the information needed to awaken and unplug is all around, these are the end times of the duality and that information is there for us all, it is a world that those visionaries like Einstein dreamed of, a world where we could all awaken and move into Unity.

That would be great but I see now that that is not the case, Why? Because for one person to start that move into unity they need to be prepared to do the work, to look within, to face their shadow sides, to unite the polarities within and release duality once and for all. This is not something outside anybodies capabilities, we can all do it, we all have the same opportunity,

Yet we won’t all do it, why? Because the majority of people are frozen, they don’t want to act, they don’t want to out the effort in, they don’t want to face their darker sides. It is all just a little bit too much effort and it’s a little bit messy, so we will watch Netflix instead and anaesthetise ourselves further so we stop asking ourselves the question.

Some people believe that we are part of a massive inter galactic experiment and we are all being tested to see what we do, they believe that it our Free will that interests other species . Being given the option of choice and action and faced with the choice between unity and duality what will we choose, whether you believe that or not doesn’t really matter but one point remains strong a true it is all about choice, that is the beauty of freewill and we are all being given the biggest decision of our life!

You may choose that journey from duality to unity, you may choose the devil you know or you may choose to ignore it all, but that is still a choice and one that means stay.

The energy over the next couple of days Is part of this awakening, the energy today allows you to really sink into your soul and find what is important and tomorrow it helps you take those revelations into action, which is the first step on your path into Unity. You can flow with this, take the help where offered and do it or you can ignore it, the choice as always is yours.

It is not my job to awaken anybody, there are lots of people around the planet that do this, sharing information that takes the blinkers from the eyes, One I would hugely recommend you checking out is David Wilcock, he has some great info backed up with diligent proof. My job is to help you move forward on your path once you take that first step, I will walk with you a while until you get to grips with it all, to show you the way to paradise.

It’s not easy but then neither is the alternative but the rewards are beyond anything you could ever imagine from where you are stood now.

Let the energy speak to you and then start making those decisions, the power is within you and only within you, nobody no matter how they love you can do this for you.

Love and laughter Michele xxxx

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2 thoughts on “January 21st 2018 Energy Forecast – Choices!

  1. I just had this vision of me with rocket boosters on my ankles. I belive this is going to be a hold on to your horses week. Very excited Whoop whoop. Have a great day Michele xxx

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