January 4th 2018 Energy Forecast, it’s time for some Barry White

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Good Morning I hope that you are well, although maybe feeling a little bit strange as the energy of yesterday continues. That distracted slightly over enthusiastic energy, for some of you it may come out as a little hyperactive and for others you could feel a little anxious, it isn’t however anything to worry about and if you are feeling anxious then do some grounding exercises.

For those of you that have released a lot of core wounds and cycles over the last month, this is a time for you to just get your bearings, to reintegrate this new lighter you, so just go where the wind blows you for the next day or so. However with this moon energy I have feeling you are going to be getting creative.

The questions to be asking yourself this month is what is it that I really want and what is stopping me from getting it? However I think if asked today in this energy most people would say I want shiny sparkly stuff but put that question out there nonetheless as you have until the 31st before you will need that info, to catapult into February eeeek.

Oh gosh it is a horny world out there right now lol, the height of summer and the height of winter it does something to people, now this is a great and creative energy. If however you do not have a partner to play with, this energy is also hugely creative so use it to create a new idea or project. If you have a partner do both, sex and sensual pleasure creates some extremely powerful and creative energy. However this is more so between a loving couple. Be more aware of the people that you share this intimate energetic space with, you are deserving of the most intimate and beautiful connection , don’t give it away for just a moments illusory connection, no matter how desperately you seek it. There is so so so so much more for you and you deserve it. I have workshops this year that will help you with this and my development Course Unlock the Potential of you is perfect.

So the ideas thoughts and dreams that have been going around your head for the last few months, it’s time to start putting them out there, making them real and one of the first things you can do it share you idea, state your intention to the world, so if anyone is planning a new business, idea project or anything really please share in the comments and that is your first step to making it into physical 3d form. This is a great page to do this as the people that come to this page are so lovely and supportive, you won’t be judged here!

So today, go and make love to your partner or create something that feeds your soul and fuels your purpose.

We all have the opportunity to create something new and wonderful but as always the choice is ours, Ghandi had it spot on when he saw “be the change you wish to see in the world “ because there is no other way. You cannot change the duality world by using duality structures, ie external control, you only change the world you see, you only experience unity when you become unity.

Whilst you remain with duality condition whilst your very structure is the fabric of duality that is all you will see.

Haven’t you had enough of the pendulum swing of life going from good times to bad, aren’t you sick of always feeling unlucky or waiting for the other shoe to drop? Aren’t you sick of all the anger hate and division that you see everywhere? Doesn’t your heart break when you see the abuse and inequality everywhere. Aren’t you worn down by the monotonous daily grind when there is nothing left of you at the end of the day to do anything for you?

Well when you have had enough come and see me and I will show you the route to unity where you can be all that you imagined and more! And where life is so beautiful it will make you cry tears of joy and exclaim who knew it could be this awesome.

This is the month that you all get to make a conscious choice, duality or unity , which side are you pitching your tent ?

Love and Laughter Michele xxxx

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3 thoughts on “January 4th 2018 Energy Forecast, it’s time for some Barry White

  1. Just had a quick peak around your site, it’s full of good things. I’ve always been fascinated by the crossover of psychology, art and spirituality. I’m guessing you’ve read Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes? Having worked on a psych unit and in clinic settings for years I believe we’re each living a symbolic, energetic and also concrete reality. Anyhoo, just wanted to say hello to a fellow truth seeker and life experiencer. Thanks for the forecasts 🙂


    1. Hey, thanks, I am in the middle of updating the site so it’s all a bit jumbled at the mo. Oh you are so right about the realties :-). No I haven’t read that book but will check It out! Thank you so much for saying hi, I love it when we connect, and thank you for reading my page….I will let you know when the site is finished . Also I would love for you to join me at my next full moon meditation it is online and I just love it

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