August 13th 2017 Energy Forecast – Everything is changing & this can bring out your fear!



Good Morning I hope that you are well. So how do you like the energy at the moment? Pretty up and down huh? One minute you feel inspired and energised you know what you want and what you don’t want and the path ahead appears to be clearing. The next minute knocked to the floor with a memory realisation or fear, that turns everything dark.


Please don’t worry you are not doing anything wrong, you are not alone in this as most people are going through something similar. It is just to shake you up, to help get it all out!


Awakening Enlightenment, Ascension, Personal Growth is not a onetime thing, it is a process and takes work and cunning. The ego and the mind have been in control for so long they are the experts at holding on and tight and the smoke and mirrors of illusion. Also your inner world has some very dark corners where old wounds and conditioning like to hide. To move into the unity paradigm we have to sweep every corner clean, hence the shake ups!


Get used to it as it will continue for some time, but rather than dread it or try to avoid it, embrace it as the lesson and assistance that it is! Don’t allow it to overwhelm you, as it can’t only your mind can convince you of that. Don’t own it, this is neither the totality of you nor is it a permanent state. Some of it is just the sent on the breeze passing through and needs nothing from you but openness.


Everything that is going on right now is to help you ascend and experience the beauty of unity. This is your path, your reason for being here and the biggest challenge of your life times. Can you look deep within, facing your fears and anxieties, uncovering the masked villain? Can you seek out your shadow side, the parts of you that are as natural as your smiling face yet shunned and denied, so that you can reconcile all parts of you to become whole once more? Are you willing to step out of the drama and put to one side the roles you play and are you ready to stop owning every thought emotion and sensation that passes through your body and using that to define who you are?


The energies that are coming in are helping us do all of the above, pushing us to realise that we are not walking our path consciously, that there is more to do, it doesn’t take much, a shift of attitude followed by action and so your journey truly begins.


The energy of truth is with us to stay and at the moment it is pulsing out strongly. Most often I see energy swirling around but this is like a solid beam straight into the earth. Let it guide you, as there is much within you to see!


Keeping a journal will help you mark the changes that are happening, to join the dots in the shifts of your awareness and help make them more consistent. That is the key, and one of the conditions of the unity paradigm, change is solid, stable and consistent.  This is because everything comes from the heart rather than the mind and then plastered over our reality. Take the way people in a duality manifest or achieve peace, by repeating positive affirmations and being positive. This doesn’t work in the long term and you are actually creating more issues as you are denying half of yourself. I just got a picture of someone who was rather smelly, spraying perfume over the stench rather than having a bath….that is what we do when trying to manifest and be spiritual without doing the inner work!


If you are struggling then please do get in touch and I am happy to shine a quick spotlight into your life to show you where to look. It won’t always be soft and fluffy and I am rather direct, however there is never any judgement with lots of understanding and compassion.


Times are changing in deed, a decade ago the majority of people would come to me as they wanted me to tell them they were special and here to save the world, or that they were great and everyone else in their life were the problem. Today so many more are coming to me with revelations about their own responsibility for the life they have created and although vulnerable and sometimes weak they are ready to step up and into their own lives and do the work and that is huge. It’s about 60/40 and that has changed significantly since 2016 where it was about 70/30 !


For those of you that have a hard life and explain that because you are an empath or you are here to save the world and this is your cross to bear, or because you are not of this world or whatever, this is your ego talking. It’s not true! These are the roles created within a duality to keep you small, to attach the role of martyr or saviour to the meaning of your life to stop you truly looking within and truly growing! If you feel that you have been walking your path for years so how can you stop and admit that you have not been moving forward, it’s ok you can do this, that is just your ego talking.  I can help you, The spiritual community is a very judgemental place but not here so get in touch and if you are willing I can help you move forward, better that than stay trapped within in a duality!


So whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, if you want to share, could do with some advice or just need help shifting your perspective, get in touch…..this is my purpose and I have a really big torch to shine a light on your life.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx

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