August 11th 2017 Energy Forecast – Have a big cry, wipe your eyes, move on!

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Good Morning I hope you are well and that you are experiencing some wonderful shifts, keep your self -awareness high as these could be subtle yet transformative.


I see water everywhere, now here at least we have had a lot of rain and this is reflecting the emotions of a lot of people, are you feeling super- sensitive and emotional? Just go with it, this is a great release and also a natural act when you have been bringing things to the surface often long forgotten. Or maybe you have been seeing the bigger picture and getting revelations about those in your life and this is can be upsetting. Ending cycles is emotional and nostalgia are memories tinged with regret. Let all of this go and just flow with it, if you feel like sobbing, then sob, you will be surprised that it doesn’t last long. This is not here to overwhelm you, it is here to say goodbye.


Don’t deny your emotions, let them out in their raw form, don’t analyse or judge and then when you are done move on. It’s funny I have been reminded of a voice I use to hear every now and then, particularly when I was having an emotional time. She sounded like a Southern American Woman and she would say “ I cried and I cried and I cried and I cried and when I could cry no more, I wiped my eyes” Let it all out when you are done you are done!


Don’t worry this will settle down and the energy shifts again tomorrow.


You are also going to be sensitive to the needs, pain and experiences of those in your life, now before you rush over to help them stop, this is not about you helping them, this is a time of us all dealing with our own shit. They don’t need you to fix them, they can do that themselves, be supportive by just being there….quietly, sending love. All we ever need at times like this is to know we are not alone. Also do not allow your ego or mind to distract you from your own task by rushing to the aid of others…it’s all smoke and mirrors.


This is all to help us develop ourselves, creating greater compassion will take us far once we bring it into the heart and out of the mind and ego. To understand better the needs and emotions of others is not a curse to bear nor does it make you a superhero fixing the ills of the world. It makes you a more whole person and enables you to act in a loving and compassionate way, doing no harm to others and have a positive impact on your world.


Compassion is a unity state, it does not imply fixing or doing, it is being in the vibration of wisdom and love!


We are going to be experiencing so many more unity states since our shift and so many more to come, this is our ascension into Unity, if you choose it! Remember you have to choose it, this will not just happen to you!


Finally the veil continues to be very thin and it is so much easier for you to communicate and sense your loved ones around you, keep exploring this, keep talking to them, ask them questions and ask for their help. They are your cheering squad, your back up connect with this! You can do it, you really can, it’s just your expectation closes the door!


There are just so many ways that I can help you right now depending upon the route you want to go. Free will is the key, it is up to you what you want to achieve, do you know what that is?


I have spent 2 decades consciously walking my path of self -discovery and spiritual enlightenment, the past decade with the dedication of a monk so that I could be in this position now to put up the signposts for you, to guide you to find your own way. Never before have I felt that this moment right here right now is what the last 20 years was all about. I have known it yes but there is something about this moment that is different and I know I will spend the rest of my life, holding your hand and walking with you  and those like you that are ready, to make that commitment and walk their path into Unity. I love what I do and as you can see from my testimonials so do those that work with me and what I do becomes what they do, so are you ready to take that next step?


Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss anything and seriously consider taking the Development Course it will fast track on your path opening up a new world and new way of being that takes the drama and the pain out of life and empowers you to dream big and create something wonderful, which in turn brings your souls purpose to the fore and allows you to bring something amazing to the world. The world needs you to be you!


Read through my testimonials and you will see why I keep banging on about it!


So for today remember you may feel a little sensitive but go with it cry if you need to and then move on, connect in with spirit the veil is very thin, continue noting the revelations you have about who you are and what you want and the world you want to create and write that list. Feel into the compassion you have for others and how that gives you a bigger picture but resist the urge to jump in and save them.


Have a wonderful day and please I love to hear your stories and I am always here for guidance if you have questions or concerns.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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