New Moon Solar Eclipse 21st August 2017 – The Next Gateway of Change for Us


the Universe wants you to know it’s not cool, weird, odd or funny it is freaking awesome! Now go and sit outside and just be, get some revelations about who you are and then go and make your lists, you have 11 days!.png

Wow we really are in the most extraordinary time of change and new beginnings for us. The greatest push or energetic surge for awakening that I have felt in a while and I love it, I am so excited about the changes that are happening in your lives!


We have just had A New Moon Lunar Eclipse, followed the next day by Lions Gate and on the 21st we have a Full Moon Solar Eclipse, this brings intense powerful energy with the ability to create great change, within in you.


I love the way the Universe gets us into position, if we allow it and take the time for ourselves. It is such a fascinating dance and if we just flow with the music the steps take care of themselves.


The energy that came in a week or so ago was bringing with it deep revelations about our soul, it was all about looking inward and discovering what makes your heart sing. We began to see friends family and acquaintances in a new light, drifting away from some and getting closer to others. Our soul has been whispering to us showing us what we truly love to do and that we want to share that with the old.  We suddenly saw that old priorities and habits needed to go and a fresh start was felt by all.


It felt like we could finally shrug off that dirty old overcoat and step into the unknown, clean fresh and light. This energy brought a feeling of expansion, strength and courage and you all know it is time! Time for something more meaningful and purposeful, there is so much more to each day than simply getting through it, you have so much more to give but first it’s time to truly discover and bring out who you really are! This is your journey of self discovery and it’s awesome!


Imagine that you have lived for years locked in a dusty old house and at the beginning of the week you stepped outside for the first time and took a deep breath, feeling the breeze through your hair and the sun on your face, as you look ahead you see a beautiful lush green meadow stretching out before you. That is where you are now!


You have a choice, to stay where you are, go back into the house or start walking? You know the house it is familiar and safe, albeit a little bit dark smelly and stuffy. If you stay in the yard, you benefit from the sun, the air and the space and the house is there, just in case but you can’t touch the grass and feel it’s cool silkiness underfoot and it looks so tempting. If you start walking, well that’s a bit scary as you don’t know where you are going or what is out there, you don’t have provisions and what if it rains but the meadow just look at it, shimmering in the sun just inviting you to run to it, skipping , star jumping, rolling down the hill like you did as a child and what lies beyond could be even better, new friends to meet and new experiences to have.


Consciously walking your path is not easy at first, to allow your soul to shine through, to find out who you truly are, you firstly have to breakdown the conditioning and blocks that keep you trapped.  But it’s not so bad, you will be in a beautiful meadow and the whole universe is supporting you and supercharging you to get through this in super quick time.


This whole month is about letting go of the old, ending cycles, clearing space, looking within and finding who you are and what you would love to be doing and being. It is important to do this consciously, this month is about bringing our attention to us in the moment and hopefully this will then continue, living consciously is a pre-requisite for ascension into Unity and is the only way to achieve consistent change.


As we move towards the Full Moon Solar Eclipse the energy become much more active and slightly more outwardly focused, although the emphasis is being led by your heart. So your inner journey is leading the outer changes you are about to make.


You have some revelations and these will continue but now you need to actively put it out there and start making the changes happen. This you need to do with your heart and not your mind, if you find yourself rushing about, wanting to do everything at once then this is your mind. If you know in a still calm way the changes you need to make and then do it, this is your heart.


It’s time between now and the 21st to start making your lists and setting your intentions. What is it that you want to change and you want to achieve?  Start with your outer reality, maybe you want to change jobs, location etc. Then move on to how you want to feel, what you want to contribute to the world, what would make you feel fulfilled. Think about your path, the revelations you have been getting and project yourself forward 6 months, how would you like your life to be, dream big as anything is possible.


We are all being given a huge opportunity to propel ourselves forward on our path as we cut the ties of the past, clearing the way for a brighter future.


The less baggage we carry the higher we vibrate, the higher our vibrations the higher dimensions we can experience, so let it all go and then start creating your new life.


This is real and this is happening, if you don’t feel it, that’s because you don’t allow it and you don’t bring your conscious awareness to it. We lead busy lives and it is the spaces in between that hold all the answers so make sure you take some time to just sit and be and allow the universal energies to work their magic.


It’s all there for us and the universe tries but apparently everyone is on their phone and when we do notice we just say oh that was weird or how cool is that, well the Universe wants you to know it’s not cool, weird, odd or funny it is freaking awesome!


Now go and sit outside and just be, get some revelations about who you are and then go and make your lists, you have 11 days!


Have fun, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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