August 10th 2017 Energy Forecast – Are you ready to put your money where your mouth is?



Good Morning and I hope that you are well, so how are you feeling after the awesome energetic gateways of the full moon eclipse and Lionsgate? Can you feel and see that cycles have ended and that you are moving forward into something new different and exciting?


Do you feel different, this may be overt and noticeable or it may be a subtle shift in your knowing or your belief in your own knowing? How much more do you love yourself and so you should, explore this further and let the next few weeks be your own love story. Once we truly love ourselves so much of our need disappears and life becomes much smoother and happier! In a duality we spend our lives with many needs and desires all that we ask to be met by those in our life, yet they too are in pursuit of their own needs, so no one is really satisfied or content.


The energy has shifted from passion to compassion so it is time to shift just slightly out focus from the internal to the external, not a lot but widen your awareness to those in your orbit. Not everybody has received the insight you have or have access to the courage and determination you have, now this doesn’t mean that you step from your path or even deny these things in you, hell no, shine your light as brightly as you can, what it means is just be aware of those around you and have compassion.


I feel the energy of truth around as always but it seems more subtle than in recent days, the little eureka moments about yourself and your life will continue and with it an expansion of your world. Make all these things conscious, write a journal, and make this real. Every time you say wow that was weird or notice a synchronicity, a coincidence or a sign, make it real, write it down, these are the foundation blocks of your new life, once you have faith and belief in them and yourself then you can lay the foundations and build something amazing! You have to move on from just noticing these things, when are you going to truly believe?


The next week is going to be an important time for you to look at everything that has been stirred up within over the last week. All those truths desires and passions for a more meaningful way of life, the truths about who you really are, not the persona but your soul.


The energetic gateways that we have just been through opened up so much for us all and put us in a great position to take full advantage of the solar eclipse we have coming up on the 21st. It is one of the reasons I am pushing my course right now as the first tutorials will help you be in a great place to move with the solar eclipse.


The last gateway opened us up and this eclipse will push us forward or rather empower us to step up and in to our new life, our new purpose or rather our true purpose. Imagine that you are the king or queen of your world, or are about to be, you have trained for this your whole life and now it is time to step forward and take the crown, you will be a strong kind and compassionate leader, whose belief and love for yourself radiates out into every living being, touching the heart and soul of all.


Are you ready for this? Are you ready to have maximum impact on those around you? You can do this and I will help you get ready over the next week, but you know what I am going to say…..sign up for my course it will fast track you and is totally awesome, however if you feel it’s not for you I will be posting lots and am always available if you have any questions.


So are you ready to really show up and do something great? People like being around me because of my energy, it radiates out and affects everyone around me, animals included. It lifts them in ways they can feel but don’t always understand, wouldn’t you like to be able to significantly raise the vibrations of those around you just by being you? Then roll up your sleeves and do some work ready for the solar eclipse!


I may have been born aware of my ability to sense energy and to talk to the dead but everything else is the result of dedicated processing, self enquiry and meditation so it is available to you too, in fact it is your purpose and your path. Action is the key and the solar eclipse is action in triplicate, you have to act, being aware without action is being an observer. This journey takes commitment from you and the universe will step up.


How many of you didn’t meditate over the last few days? Do you understand what a fabulous opportunity passed you by? This choice is yours and seriously no judgements from me but it’s a bit like that old game from the 80’s frogger. Portals and Gateways are like gaps in the traffic and I am on the other side of the road shouting to you when there is a gap in the traffic and it’s time to run! There will be another gap in the traffic and maybe you will run then but how many opportunities are you going to let pass you by while you sit there asking for direction or purpose.


So hopefully, day permitting I will be back with more hints on what you can do to prepare for this gateway on the 21st, so if there is anything you would like me to address just give me a shout.


I will also be catching up on emails and messages today so apologies if I haven’t got back to anyone, I had a wonderful surprise house guest last week as well as internet issues so didn’t spend much time on the computer


Lots of love and laughter to you all and please check out my Development Course it really will change your life, just ask ALL the other awesome people who have taken it, not one was left without awesome change and growth. I am also going to be travelling the UK and Europe Next year so will hopefully get to meet lots of you and meditate with you in person, whoop whoop


Michele xxxxxx


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