Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 7/8/17 Now is a great time to learn who you are and what your purpose is!


Yesterday I was Clever,So I wanted to ChangeThe WorldToday I am Wise,So I am Changing Myself

Hey, I hope you are all well, apologies for the late posting, life has been busy.


This Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse is an incredible opportunity for us all and one you should all take advantage of!


This is a gateway for us to make the shift from the external focus to the internal, this is about YOU. Not the projected or the perceived persona, not the you that is caught up in the struggles or distractions of day to day surface living but the real you, the pure soul that is you!


This gateway and Lionsgate which is tomorrow is here to help us see our true purpose, our unique awesomeness and to realise our full potential. My tag line is Unlocking the Potential of You and this is perfect for right now, this is what this gateway is about, Unlocking your True Potential by first allowing you to see this.


The energy of the full moon is making it easier for you to make that inner connection and to see your world as it truly is. Many friendships, relationships will come to an end and you will be able to see with clear eyes what is working for you and what is taking from you. By also being able to connect in with our true selves and listen to our heart we will have access to our inner power that will help us stand in our truth and say No more, I don’t want to do this anymore. Not in a reactionary emotional way but in a calm quiet but firm way, it’s not personal it’s just the way it is.


Think of it like an actual gateway, once you step through you will be able to look back and see your old life from a different perspective, without the emotion it will be like you have had your blinkers removed and you can see things, people and situations for what they really are.


All of this is available for you but you have to take action and do something with it, use it as it is intended. Of the energies will naturally affect you, you may already be getting flashes of insight into situations that may have confused you or that you were blind to. You may already have felt subtle shifts within where you feel change is coming or that you are beginning to get the meaning and reason for life more.


You will get so much more if you actively engage, so here are a few things that you can do tonight and over the next few day to help with this.


Meditate, Meditate, Meditate! Even if you find it difficult to meditate set aside half an hour a day to just sit and be, daydreaming not thinking; Allowing your soul and your heart to speak to you, not your mind and your ego.


You have to dial down the noise so you can create a space for you to hear, there are important messages for you about who you are and what you are here to do!


The free meditations I have over on my site, Connecting to Your Heart & Gate way Meditations are perfect for right now.


You can do one meditation each day or as many as you feel drawn to.


These are some of the areas you want to cover in your meditations:


State your commitment to the Universe, that you are open to receive insight and learning. State that you are committed to your path of growth & are ready to be an active participant.


Ask to be shown how far you have come this year in terms of your growth towards your truest self. Seeing your path in this way will help you have faith and confidence in the steps ahead. You can see this is a natural progression for you, a calling from your heart. You may also be shown where you may have deviated from your path or sat down and where you need to look for further growth, be open to this.


Feel in to your connection with the collective consciousness, this is the web that connects us all. This is a unique time for you to do this as the connections are super boosted and you will be able to feel it easier than you normally would. Once you feel that connection everything changes so really open yourself up to this.


Feel into your heart energy, move your focus from your mind to your heart as this where your truth lies, this is your connection to everything and holds the wisdom of the Universe. Do you my Heart Meditation to help you with this. This meditation will enable you to access lots of information about who you are and the path you are walking.


As with all gateways when we walk through we have the opportunity and really the necessity to say good bye to parts of our life. This may be people, place, jobs, lifestyle, habits, whatever is no longer of value in your life, that does not lift you but suppresses you, anything of low vibrational rate.


Say good bye to these things with love and gratitude, they have got you to where you are today and served a great purpose at one time but that time is done and it is time to move on. Consciously release these things in the energy of the moon. Let it go and once it’s gone it’s gone, only you can bring it back in and if you do, then that is a conscious choice.


So the energies around are here to help you with your inner connection, with seeing how awesome you really are and that has nothing to do with outward appearances or reality.


It is here to help with our Universal Connection and our energy connection with each other, this is extremely empowering and will help you move forward on your path.


It is about old cycles ending and the light of truth being shone on your external reality, make sure you do something about the revelations you will get, you are not a passenger of life, you are the creator, the architect.


It is about your heart, your truth, your potential and your purpose.


This is an important Gateway on your path in to Unity!


So use these energies, make that commitment and Unlock The Potential Of YOU!


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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