August 3rd 2017 Energy


look within

Good Morning I hope you are well, the energy this morning has a stillness and depth to it that may lead to some profound revelations for you, about you.


I feel the energy of integrity and truth being supercharged but in a very calm and quiet way, if you allow the dots to join you will see something about your life, situation or you that you couldn’t see before and this will help you with a way forward.


I also feel a light and playful energy around the outside, waiting to come in but as it is so delicate it would get lost amongst this heavier energy. It isn’t a heavier vibration but it is denser in its effects or deeper reaching.


Just allow this energy to do its work and if memories come up for you just allow them to play out don’t shove them away, there are messages everywhere for you right now.


It is an important time to connect in with who you are and what you want, this for many will be at a deep soul level so may not be totally conscious to you but you will have stirrings of the direction that you want to go or maybe what you no longer want. It is time for you to listen to this and to know that you can do something about it.


I feel a strong spiritual energy coming in too, again helping you with signs and synchronicities to help you on your journey and to also help you believe that there is more to life than what we can see. Over the next week we are all going to be urged to turn that belief into action. It is not enough to remark on weird coincidence or skirt around the edges, it is time to jump in with both feet and bucket load of faith. What do you have to lose?


By this afternoon I can feel the energy of fun and laughter but in a very light hearted way. It feels a bit like a little private joke that lifts your heart.


Take time today to ground as you are drawing in some powerful energies that will make transformations within if you anchor it. You may feel a bit pushed around otherwise or maybe a sense that something not great is going to happen. These feelings of mild anxiety can accompany these energies if you don’t ground them properly and don’t own them.


So take some time today to allow these revelations to come to you, don’t push them down if they are a little uncomfortable just take you time to just observe them from a detached viewpoint.


Have a great day.


Love and Laughter Michele xxxxx


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