July 27th 2017 Energy Forecast



Good Morning I hope you are well, so we are out of the new moon energy and you will feel things settle down for a few days at least. August is going to be a big month of opportunity and growth so get ready!


For now though it feels very physical and practical, time to get your house in order! Be wary of personal control how rigid you are, how much you are focusing on the outer and ignoring the inner and how much you are getting involved in other people’s lives, these are all distractions from the work you need to be doing if you want to grow. You may chose that you really don’t want to grow and that is fine, you free will is your business.


Control is definitely going to be an issue for a lot of people as we move in august so it is a good idea to look at that within yourself now.


The energy around is very yellow and I am relating that in this instance to our chakra’s and the solar plexus,, so how is your inner sunshine? Need a boost? Be honest with yourself, how are you feeling, getting by or greeting each day with excitement? Life is not something to get through it is something to create and experience. If you don’t shriek with delight daily, wouldn’t you like to?


I am being shown at the moment two scenarios a field full of daisies with the sun shining, in one case we are lying in the grass looking a daisy really close up and just enjoying the moment and seeing the daisy from a different perspective, close up and personal. All of our senses are drinking it in, the sight smell texture but also the energy. In the second scenario we are sat in the field counting the daisies. Make of that what you will.


Structure is good but in balance. We are in the process of dismantling and destroying the structure of the duality paradigm and bringing in the unity framework, which can be scary and confusing, check that you are not clinging to the old structure.


If you have imbalances within your physical being these will come into focus this week, do you need more exercise, a better diet, less alcohol, just listen to your body and follow its lead.


There are signs everywhere to help you along your path right now and the next two months are going to be extraordinary. So ask yourself what if everything you knew and believed was going to change, all those parts of life that dragged you down and brought fear and frustration, what if it was possible to let them go and move into something new?


These are the opportunities that we are all being given over the next two months, what do you choose? If you have questions just ask them, I will be happy to discuss this with you. I live in this duality but also unity, what I experience and can do is not just in my mind it shows up physically in my life for all to see. When I work with other peoples energy they feel it intensely, not just a matter of feeling good or relaxed, when I heal, I actually Heal, this is not subjective or even the placebo effect, these all have very real physical effects.


I want all of you to take full advantage of the energy and opportunities around but positive affirmations alone are not going to cut it. Thinking that I am special or magic totally misses the point and makes you see that what I can do is outside of you, that’s bull, you can do this too I promise you, we all can!


So what are you going to do, are you going to participate in the most exciting times in our history or are you going to watch on the side-lines?


I work daily on a global scale with other mystics, bringing in new operating systems, healing the earth and the collective and standing face to face with the dark and just so much more. And I am excited! There is nothing to fear and you don’t need to do anything but work on your self and bring your path into your conscious awareness, we have your back.


So think about this, ask as many questions as you like and then make a conscious choice……do you want to be part of this or a spectator?


Embrace life, love life and each other as this really is the most awesome ride ever.


Love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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