July 25th 2017 Energy Forecast



Good morning I hope you are well.


This last week has been very intense with some great opportunities to dig deep and let go. It may not have felt very comfortable and a lot of your fears may have come to the surface, as well as a lot of emotion but if you let it go rather than hold on to it you will notice the shifts within.


So that strong fiery and passionate energy is leaving us now, so things can settle down again for a bit, however they won’t go back to the way they way, back to normal as things have changed within you, this new moon has ignited something in you, can you feel it?


It may be subtle or it may not have made itself known yet but there are definite shifts within everyone. The key is becoming aware of these changes within you and developing them further, otherwise it is easy to bring all the old stuff back in. (for my students I will be talking about Shifts later in our group)


It is important as we move towards the Big September Shift that we release as much as we can so that we are as light as possible.


The energy I feel in at the moment feels like a hybrid, the remnants of the intense moon feels like the legs of a donkey or maybe a lion with the head and body of a swan. There is a delicate and graceful energy coming in. It’s time to just glide through life making as few ripples as possible. Just for now, being quiet & thoughtful is needed.


If you have done the inner work and worked with the energy of the moon this weekend you deserve a rest and also a big hi five, rest easy and assured that you are walking in the right direction and everything will become clear.


However I do feel that you are going to have to stand your ground but this is not in an aggressive way but I feel this split between those who want everything to go back to the way they were, rigid structured and controlled and those that want to leap into the unknown, free.


There is a lot of fear being generated amongst the population and this brings the need to control everything to the fore. Be aware of this and the many ways it may present itself. This is not a debate so don’t get pulled into an argument but stand your ground as this is important for you.


It is not acceptable to let others control us to alleviate their own fear just as it is unacceptable for us to do the same. Just check your own behaviour, how much do you control what others do?


So for the next few days at least it is time to be quiet and graceful whilst being strong and grounded in your own power and ideals. These things are important to you, stand by that.


So have a wonderful day and please if you are struggling or just have a question then do get in touch either directly or even better on the page. I would also love any of you to reply to any questions on here, all your opinions and experiences are valid and we never know how someone else may relate to this.  Supporting each other is important as we share this experience and these connections are invaluable and often it isn’t until you start speaking that you realise how much you know.


The next Online Development Course begins on 1/8/17 and I really hope that some of you decide to make that journey with us, it really is fabulous and transformational and I can honestly say that every person who has taken this course has changed and grown for the better. Its why I offer a money back guarantee because I believe in it with my whole being as I see the results every day but I also know that it can be hard for you to put your trust in me, after all the internet is crammed with people trying to sell you something.  Please feel free to ask any questions of speak to someone who has taken the course.


So have a wonderful day gliding like a swan with the occasional urge to kick like a mule, sit and breathe through that desire, and just allow the shifts to make themselves known.


Lots of love & Laughter Michele xxxxxx


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