July 22nd 2017 Energy Forecast

conscious awareness


Good Morning I hope you are well, there is a great healing energy around at the moment that will serve you well as you look at cycles that are coming to an end and are ready for release. It is like aloe vera and will soothe you if you find it a wrench.


However it doesn’t need to be that way, just allow these cycles, issues, events and mind-set to just evaporate from your world and you will feel the shift.


Today feels a little bit like the lull before the storm but also feels like the morning after the storm, it is a little strange but good, ah I see it, it is the end and the beginning! Let it all go, as I often day you need to be travelling light and this is a great opportunity to let go of some baggage.


Students past and present get processing as you will be amazed at the shifts you will experience this weekend. I will be available all over the weekend if you need me, so just reach out. These are strong energies and all good but sometimes when the shifts occur quickly it can feel a bit disorientating. I have cleared my weekend for you, so know I am here!


On a ground level I feel, possessiveness, control, stubbornness and dominance  be careful not to get caught up in this either acting in this way or by someone acting this way towards you and it is best to say nothing if you can’t remain calm. On the other hand if you are not reacting and can remain calm and neutral then this is a great time to create some changes and to tell your truth.


So often we can struggle with someone’s selfish behaviour but we say nothing out of fear of reprisals etc., however if we do address it calmly and without emotion we often find the person was totally unaware of the impact of their actions and will rectify the situation immediately. The key is to be calm and objective rather than poking the bear.


There are also going to be a lot of wind up merchants around, those that just love to push your buttons as it gives them feelings of power and also those that throw a few digs in as they are hurting but dress it up as a joke when you respond to them. Have some compassion for these people and hear what they are saying underneath and respond accordingly, do not however be manipulated. If you ground properly this weekend you will have a deeper wisdom and knowing that can help you here.


If you feel a bit cooped up or caged this weekend get out into nature and go for a walk. Expend your extra energy safely and use it for your own inner work, don’t let it explode outwardly.


Just keep in mind the strong energy around this weekend and take steps not to inflame it, this is our responsibility.


As we move forward on our journey into the Unity Paradigm we all have these choices, use the energy to help us with our inner growth or join the heaving mob and direct it outwards. Reflect on this, what are you doing with this energy, are you letting opportunity pass you by?


In the busy lives we lead it is often easier and more preferable for us to do nothing, to absorb the information with our minds only and that is free will in action. The right environment and energy for change can be provided but our free will means we can let that pass us by. Often because we are conditioned to believe there isn’t another way that this paradigm is all we have.


I see comments on so many different forums where people cannot see an alternative way; human nature is what it is so we will always have conflict etc. So they feel disempowered and what is the point. People like me are just living in cloud cuckoo land!

However this is real, we have making that shift from Duality into Unity and to get there we need to do the inner work to match that energetic vibration or frequency. I am that proof and I can point you to hundreds of others who are too , there must be millions of us, so think about that and then come and join us, the water is lovely.

Enjoy your weekend, happy to answer any questions and students contact me any time.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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