July 18th 2016 Energy Forecast


not living

Good Morning I hope you are well, cleanse cleanse cleanse cleanse!


It is important that you learn to cleanse your energy and visualise this every day , the energy being created at a population level are dense and sticky and very negative and feel this is going to increase as we move forward. Imagine it like a dark sticky treacle sticking to you, all over you shoes and on your clothes, when you go home you tread it all over your carpets and even on your sofa, your family they end up sitting in it and getting it all over them too.


Some simple energy maintenance can help you get rid of this. I couldn’t do the work I do or live the life I live if I didn’t do this many times a day. Not only can it be negative and confusing and bring your vibrational rate down it hides your own energy from you.


We all need to get to know our own energy as this is where we can see our triggers and follow them to our core pain for healing and releasing. If it’s the energy of others that is dragging us down then we can identify this and step out of it.


The energy of clarity has come in, in bright blue beams, straight and true, clarity can help you jump forward on your path expanding your conscious awareness. It brings with it understanding, wisdom, the bigger picture but it also can trigger fear within. Fear of change, the unknown but also fear of responsibility when the understanding hits that you are responsible for your life, your creations and your experience.

No one is going to come and save you, No one is going to do it for you  and you actually have to put some work and effort in.


Ah Unconditional Love and Compassion are also around by the bucket load but also , oh I don’t know what it is, it’s like a soft and mellow energy almost buttery, an orange/gold. I am not sure what it is but it softens the feelings of pride and shame. So many people have been walking down a dead  end whilst declaring for all the world this is the path, that they know it all. This can be in career, relationships, and spirituality whatever; to stop turn around and say uh oh I was wrong can be impossible for some. Having passed the tipping point of no return in their eyes, whatever the energy is it helps soothe this, to allow them or you to entertain the possibility of turning around.


I am trying at the moment to take my understanding of now and relay it you so that it can help you, although this is not as easy as it seems, How I attain knowledge has changed considerably over the years so now it is like getting information the size of a football pitch in a language that occurs in multiple dimensions outside of time, it’s a holistic language I suppose as it is also understood by my whole system rather than my mind and then condensing this to the size of a thimble. What I then produce doesn’t do it justice.


Just start to bring these things into your awareness, entertain the possibility that you may have work to do, that there may be more beyond what you are experiencing here and now.


I used to think that once your awareness was expanded, once you were able to self-reflect and become self -aware and take responsibility and become an active creator that you could never go back, I was wrong, the mind is a powerful tool in deed and fear at the moment seems to be the most powerful energy, way more powerful than love, but then a duality love is conditional so doesn’t have the same power as Unconditional Love.


So more than ever we are presented with the cross roads, self-enquiry or self-delusion. Which are you choosing?


I am here if you want to talk about this, never any judgement, I have walked this path too.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx

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