July 17th 2017 Energy Forecast


face in mirror

Good Morning I hope you are well and had a fun weekend, I took some time away from technology and it was wonderful.

The energy for this week and today is purple and yellow and I am getting the sense that there is going to be a lot of fear and stubbornness and just down right bloody mindedness. That state of either digging your heels in or charging forward like a bull in a china shop.


It’s generated amongst the population rather than universal energies coming in although it is all part of the orchestra. There are going to be some real challenges to overcome this week but these are challenges within you and your attitude right now.


What are you clinging to , stubbornly refusing to let go or how are you manically pushing forward in the hope that everything will work out in the end? It is important to see this in yourself, bring it into your awareness as it can stop these thoughts turning into actions. I see a lot of frayed tempers, arguments and the need to put people in their place.


All of these things have a root or baseline in fear, know this and release it, don’t act on it. I have images of people kicking off and feeling so justified or right, “well they needed bringing down a peg or two or needed a reality check” If this is you just stop, walk away from the conflict and take some deep breaths and don’t stop until the anger or rage has subsided.


This anger and fear can also show up in more passive ways, you can turn it inwards and feel depressed or anxious or you could be manipulative, passive aggressive or controlling.


These things are nothing to be worried about just bring it all into your conscious awareness and breathe and don’t react to it. All of you have some great resources and insight that I have shown and provided for you, use them !  We have some turbulent times coming between now and September and this is not something to be frightened of, this is preparing the way for the September gateway and it is about widening your conscious awareness and raising your vibrations and you can’t do that if you are still lugging around a suitcase full of crap.


At this point in our journey it is important not to get distracted by fool’s gold, there is no substitute or free pass from your inner work, no positive affirmation is going to help, it’s time to look yourself squarely in the mirror and ask who am I.


I see so much courage coming in you really don’t need to worry, I know this forecast is very different from the energy of the last week, but this is school after all and it can’t all be field trips and sunshine.


This is time for you to step into your personal sovereignty, take responsibility and face the hard truth. I feel a cross roads this week so bear this in mind. Are you going to take the path of illusion where you believe you can’t or don’t need to or have already done the inner work, where you turn a blind eye to the circumstances of your life screaming at you that you need to change or are you going to look in the mirror, grab your sword of courage and truth, take a deep breath and say bring it on. That first step is the hardest but all it needs is that first chink of light to be let in and then you are on your way.


I am going to writing more about this later as this is a wonderful opportunity to move forward on your path and start perpetrations for the September gateway. Like all the many gateways before this can be transformational and awe inspiring or it can just pass you by.


I have noticed there are many people getting fed up and dissatisfied with nothing seeming to happen, 2012, was a washout and no big event ever seems to come, but it has and it is extraordinary. Each gateway changes the energetic vibration of the planet but it won’t just happen to you not in a big way anyway, you have to make that partnership with the universe, work with it. The higher your vibrational rate the more aware you will be of the shifts of these gateways and the more they can work to your advantage. We all have free will and that requires action, so if you don’t feel anything then know this is a choice you are making.


I have had to take some time out to get used to my new shifts and my latest energetic raise has left me feeling slightly motion sick and most definitely out of this world and the global work I do has resulted in some pretty heavy psychic attacks….nothing I am not trained for and prepared for so it’s all good and not something you will have to deal with. I tell you these things so that you can know that these shifts are real, you can work with them and there is so much going on that most people are unaware of and rightly so.


We are fighting so that you have the right to have that choice, to grow in safety and to walk your path. So how about you think about this gateway coming up and what it means for you. I will answer any questions you have and help you in any way I can. You are safe and protected it’s only your inner demons you need to face but it’s time to face them my friends and you can do this, I promise you!


So come on let’s do this, I will let you know when I have written more on this with some tips on how to prepare.


Remember each moment is a choice, rush into the drama or step out of it, put someone in their place or just observed from a detached viewpoint, the choice is yours so make it a conscious one.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


Don’t forget you can talk to me or ask me anything you are not alone….none of us are xxx


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