July 16th 2017 Energy Forecast


green field.jpg

Good Morning I hope you are well and enjoying your weekend, the energy today is being presented to me like a big lush green playing field on the first day of summer.


Remember as a kid that feeling of school ending running out into a field, that seemed so immense, the sky a deep blue and the grass a deep green, so vivid and bright. The sun hot on your face but the grass so cool and silky underfoot.


Just being in the field was awesome and there was never a shortage of things to do, cartwheels and headstands, daisy chains, football, rolling down hills, kiss chase, cloud gazing or just laying around chatting, it was the best thing ever and the most perfect spot to be. We felt as though the world was our oyster and the possibilities endless, this was just the beginning…..


Just think about that, a square patch of land could bring so many feelings, sensations and thoughts, as well as physical activities. We didn’t need phones or ipads, reassurance or hand holding, we certainly didn’t need or want adults and their boring & often ridiculous rules. We didn’t need anything other than the sun in the sky,  the ground beneath our feet and each other oh and time of course.


The world is like that playing field, it’s there for you if you choose it. You may sit outside and watch it, walk through it or deep your toe in it but unless you are in it, you have no idea how wonderful it really is.


Are you the adult, enforcing the rules, worrying about lunch and keeping clean? Do you see potential risks and dangers in the field or do you just run to the top of the hill and roll all the way down, loving the dizzy feeling at the bottom as you experience the world from a different and slightly weird perspective.


DO you want to live life in the fast lane or life in the field. Do you want to put everything off till tomorrow when you may have more time, or take that time now.


I have been with a lot of people when they have died, not once did they talk about work or how clean their houses were, they talked about people, their regrets were always about the lack of time they had with those loved ones or the lack of care and attention they gave them.


I took you for granted, I never saw you, I never appreciated what I had…..until it was too late!

When people want more time, it’s not to work or make more money or be right, it’s to finally just be with those they love, not doing or fixing or controlling just hanging out in that field, basking in the sun and running their fingers through the cool silky grass, just being!!


So whatever your mind maybe telling you…it’s not that easy, I have a tough life, I am so busy, people need me, I have to keep it all together, I don’t have a choice……Know this The field is there and the choice is yours. Don’t wait until your deathbed to realise you do have that choice!


Lots of love and Laughter Michele xxxxxx


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