July 15th 2017 Energy Forecast



Good Morning I hope you are well, the energy today is a bit of a mixed bag but it all comes together to create something beautiful and very useful for you.

So the first energy I see is strong and grounded like two pillars of light thrusting into the earth. It is golden and bright and the image I get is two sentries stood outside a palace in the snow, guarding the way.  It looks like Russia but not that I think this is relevant. This energy is about strength and fortitude but also protection.


You do not need to worry , there is a lot of change going on and this can unsettle us, especially when we are not really sure what the change is and where it is taking us. Yet change is good, especially change due to growth or release and this energy is here to help us keep going but also to remind us that we are never given any challenge that we are not strong enough to deal with in. In fact not only can we deal with it but we can enjoy the process too.


Did you wake up this morning with an answer to q question that you had been pondering or a clear idea of the direction that you wanted to take? This energy is helping this, it is supporting us and pushing us forward to say No to the unreasonable , to the bullies and manipulators.


The beauty of this energy is it not a rough and aggressive energy it is strong and quiet yet unbending. No that is not acceptable is the cry it is stirring within. I love this quiet and detached strength, the personal is taken out of it, yet the sentiment comes from the heart. This is your truth and it cuts through the bull of social convention like butter, yet it is kind and compassionate.


The second energy is all about you  spiritual connection and awakening, I feel there are going to be what seem to be miracles occurring in your lives. These maybe small and maybe insignificant to some but for you they will hold great meaning, like a neon sign directing your way. Maybe you want to believe and something deep inside you niggles away but your mind won’t quite let go, this energy is here to show you that your inner knowing is right.


It feels like this is the last time you will look at something and say oh that’s quite mad or oh what a coincidence that you will take it that next step and really truly believe it. Rather than saying wow I knew that was going to happen you will say I know this is going to happen.


Please do ask me questions as I see more of you getting curious and wanting to do something with these new feeling. I am always happy to walk with you for a while. I am not special or an anomaly. I worked on my self- development, cleaning my vessel with my focus on creating peace of mind and lightness of heart and found myself experiencing unity within and in the world with some amazing mystical skills, living the most joyful and abundant life. This life awaits you too!


I wish I could convey to all of you that this is a path open to you and is in fact your purpose here in this lifetime, to move from Duality into Unity, this moment now is the culmination of all our lifetimes. One of my favourite times on my journey was the great remembering, over a period of 6 months to a year I remembered the lessons learned and skills uncovered in my past lifetimes. Now this wasn’t dramatic albeit a little confusing at times but it served a purpose and now I use those skills today.


Over the weekend if yu allow it so many pieces of your jigsaw are going to fall into place but in a solid and permanent way, if you let it. We have free will people so as much as the opportunities are there they will pass you by if you don’t act.


Those who make a lot of money out of the world the way it is don’t want us to find this inner power and connect and tap into this amazing universal resource that we are intrinsically part of, which is why the population is disconnected through fear, powerlessness, little ole me is pretty insignificant right, what can I do?


The population is sedated through the chemicals in our food, water, environment and our brains turned to mush through the tv. So this weekend allow the energy to stir something in you, to join the dots that then turns into action.


Just as you are about to settle down to watch Netflix how about you jump up and go for a walk. Each morning I walk around  2 miles on the seashore, stop meditate for half an hour or so and then walk back and on the walk there I always ask, is there anything I need to see or do today and I always get my answer by the walks end. Do this for yourself. Ask Ask Ask , if you want answers that’s the natural thing to do right? Don’t worry it took me years to suss that one out hah.


So have a wonderful weekend, I would love to hear your comments, I am here to walk with you if that’s what you choose, remember I Have walked this path, I know what you are going through and I think everything is fabulous, so I will get you up and dancing in no time.


Please also check out my Personal & Spiritual Development Course, it is only £300, payment plans offered but it will get you consciously walking and creating your path within the first week. No one has ever said they weren’t changed irrevocably by it and in an expansive and positive way.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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