13th July 2017 Energy Forecast

be your own hero

Good Morning I hope that you all slept well, so are you ready for today? I hope so, time to get moving, jump out of bed and into the shower no dillydallying, get that blood pumping!


Ok I am not sure where that came from but I have the urge to stand behind you clapping my hands and saying chop chop.

You need to get that energy moving within you, the energy is picking up speed at the moment, it is very active and creative and you want to be moving so you can flow and dance with this energy. If you are dense, stuck and heavy, then you may feel buffeted around by it. You are not an immoveable force so don’t make yourself one.


It’s time to be light and flowing but also dynamic and go getting, whatever you want to do you can do and this energy is giving you a helping hand. So if you want to push forward on your development journey then the next few days and over the weekend will help you push forward.


If you have been trying to find your voice and your truth then put it out there as this energy will empower you and the words will tumble from your mouth straight from your heart.


Maybe you need to finally forgive those who have hurt you in the past, Not forgiving others rarely hurts them but always damages you, so what are you achieving by holding on to this. Forgiveness is liberating and heals your heart.


We all need to forgive ourselves, a tough one but start as this energy will help you. I have and it transcends everything, it’s tough but when you do you can fall in love with you and act in ways that sustain and elevate that. I know I am a good person who acts from the heart with love and integrity, I am an open book (one written in a strange language admittedly, Unity Language) and as such I do not need validation or approval from anyone. If you want that then start the forgiveness today.


This energy really is wonderful it is clean pure solid and stable, it is powerful and active but not harsh or aggressive. This is not like the moon energy where it felt as though things were being ripped or forced from you. This is much more gentle than that.


The things is you can ignore this, let it pass you by or you can take that step forward, the universe will guide you , you just have to follow the breadcrumbs.

This is not a passive journey, ascension and growth will not just happen to you, just because you show up. The energy and the universe will support, help and super boost us but only when we reach out and grab it and pull it within. This is not an external journey it is an internal one.


If nothing is changing for you then you are not growing, this is an ever changing world, pushing us forward into Unity but we all have a choice, we all have free will.


For days now I have been hearing my Mother, she has some great phrases and this one has been coming in over and over as I have been writing in the last few days.” Piss or get off the pot”


It’s time to really look at what you are doing consciously and push forward or make peace with yourself that you don’t want to but it will be very tough for you to be sat on the floor in duality when you think you are walking your path into Unity. How you know is how much you grow every day, how your perspective and viewpoint has expanded, how you physical reality is changing in to harmony. If it seems to be the same ole same ole, plastering over your imbalances with positive affirmations then you are not growing, this may be your choice which is fine just make it a conscious one.


So enjoy this wonderful energy as it takes us into the weekend. Always here if you have a question, need clarity or just want to share.

I know I keep banging on about it but take a look at my development course, I don’t just believe in it I know it works and I know the liberation and empowerment that comes with it.


Have a wonderful day, Lots of Love & Laughter Michele xxxxxx


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