July 12th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope you are well, the energy continues to be gentle and nurturing so enjoy.


I feel treats and indulgences are on the cards but not in a materialistic way, but in a taking time for you way. The energies feel so subtle and quiet that it feels like time to be quietly enjoying yourself, not rushing off at any extremes.


I feel a ribbon of passion coming and stirring things up a little but in a good way, like a gentle knocking at your door but enough to stir you, oh I feel mystery and intrigue! Oh I see this is to get you to start investigating your life, what are your passions, what do you love, what do you want, why do you feel this way, how do you feel, how did you get here.


I keep seeing a cluedo board and characters from the 1920’s, maybe it is time to see how you got where you are today? Whatever it is and however it shows itself up in you remember this is gently private and quiet energy. This is for you!


I have had some amazing shifts, revelations and also Mystic and Astral Work over the last month but it is almost impossible to share and to be honest I don’t want to, so much gets lost in translation. When you live in unity yet are seen through the eyes of duality, there is so much misinterpretation and projection it’s best to stay out of it. This is the same with the changes in you, they are private to you because although they may seem like big shifts or revelations and others will be an amazed as you, as they come out of your mouth you see them fall on deaf ears.

Another reason my course is so awesome, for the Student Forum, as you get to share with others who understand and know exactly what you are going through!

So take some time for you and do something that makes you feel, joyful and content, inspired and wise.

I am so excited this morning as it is raining, big fat heavy raindrops so it means I get to meditate in the rain, whoop whoop, bathed my mother nature.

I will be turning my phone off later and just being in my little cocoon of love, who knows what I will do but I just want to take some time to be.

OOooo tomorrow I see that we are having a lot of mental energy coming in, not crazy mental but insightful and wise, you are going to cut through all the bull that is around you and see straight to the heart of a situation! So take this time to love and nurture you and just be.

Maybe you can take this time with a nice cup of tea to have a look through my courses or my freebie site….more added later…hopefully. My days are very random at the moment lol

Please always get in touch if you feel a little lost, want to share or need a point in the direction. I am here to help you walk your path consciously to move from duality into unity, so give me a shout and let’s do this!


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx

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