Wow My Energy Healing as gone to a new level


Wow wow wow, just did an energy cleanse/boost on someone for the first time since the shifts etc of the past few weeks and Wow it was intense and awesome.

We sat there for a few minutes after just staring into space going wow!

My energy work has been pretty awesome for some time but this has gone to another level.

That’s what I love about this journey, there is always more to learn and always further to go.

I led them into a Chakra Meditation and once all was spinning well, went in to do some energy work.

I never know what I am going to have to do and just flow with it all, there is however always dancing involved lol (something I learned in a previous life that is powerful and fun) I also got a sword and some snakes at the end of last year so I have some pretty nifty moves I can tell you.

It was fabulous as the person I was working with felt it all and saw so much! I love it when they can really relate to what I am doing, feeling it and seeing it!

Although, most people feel me when I am working with their energy, which can feel a bit weird for them.

I remember one time I took someone who had never really meditated before or had any healing or energy work done on them and guided them into a healing meditation. I did some energy work on them and at the end gave them a colour (this was the main colour used in their healing.

When they came out of the meditation I told them the colour I gave them and the look of total shock and disbelief on their face was priceless. I think they just kept telling me to shut up for about 5 minutes, interspersed with lots of No way, that’s mental! The colour I told them was the exact colour they could see in their meditation. (and they thought they couldn’t meditate haha)

Energy work is real and has some amazing benefits!

Working together in other dimensions is real and when you experience that first hand it can blow your mind!

I love love love getting to work with people in this way, to share those experiences with them.

Today the energy is more pure and intense than I have ever experienced before in this work and the I love that we both experienced the shifts and movement of this energy so intensely.

We didn’t discuss what we were going to do beforehand but we both came out of it like we had just gotten off a rollercoaster.

The other awesome thing with this work is it also feeds into the earth and booms out, so everyone’s a winner!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my Life?

Everyone can do this, the key is working on clearing your vessel (you) so that you can hold the clearest purest light. (my development course is perfect for doing this)

Today showed me all the clearing I have been doing and also the new energy coming into the planet.

A rather awesome day all round.

If you want to know more about my courses check out my site as I would love to work with you.

Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx



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