July 10th 2017 Energy Forecast

change is easier than you think


Good Morning I hope you are well, having released lots of stuff over the weekend. Although the full moon energy is still with us it feels like a brand new day this morning. Like so much dark and dense energy has been released.


Which makes sense,  if the moon was drawing out old and painful memories, that would make each individual who allowed this lighter and vibrating at a higher rate and this would then affect the collective and Gaia.


The energy feels like spring but also melon, fresh and cool. It also feels like so much space has been created and some of the tension and friction has gone. So how do you feel? Take some time to feel into this today, can you feel any shifts? Sometimes these are subtle but it is important that we bring our awareness to how we feel, as once we recognise these shifts we integrate them fully and are open to further shifts. We have had so many lifetimes of owning our emotional states when really they shift from moment to moment. In this lifetime we have the opportunity to balance those emotions once and for all, without having to become a monk or dedicate your life to spiritual study.


I keep seeing roses coming into bloom so it is important at this time that you tend to what is in your life with love and gratitude, everything is coming back to you but also opening up to another level and I feel that this is again about the September Gateway. Hopefully this week I will get the chance this week to put some more stuff up on my teaching site about getting ready for this amazing opportunity.


Life is so much more fabulous when you are travelling light, imagine that you are walking with a rucksack filled with heavy rocks. All the disappointment & hurt of a life time and the period between now and September is about getting you to set down these rocks, so that by September all you have in your rucksack is a spare pair of undies  and some lip balm!


I see a carnival type energy coming in around Wednesday and it’s time to have some fun, let your inner child run free for a bit. Go with the flow and have some fun, let down your walls so that you can laugh freely about the silliest of things and milk it like only a child can.


The world is very different from the world you knew at the beginning of the year and it changes every day. There have been some incredible shifts in the last 3 months and so they will continue, they are happening so see if you can feel or sense this. Sit quietly, breathe and just let your senses see what they can see. Be open to this and calm your mind, this is not for logical enquiry this is for the heart.


Have a wonderful day, always love to hear from you.


I will be posting more about the courses I offer this week but please rest assured that I will continue with all the free stuff I do. It’s just if you are ready to make a deeper commitment, the time is perfect.

Over on my teaching site, your free guide is getting there slowly. I have completed week one, Meditations & breathing and this week It will be all about Conscious Living. I hope you enjoy and you only have to sign up for my newsletter to get free access.

Love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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