July 9th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good morning I hope you are well, So the full moon is up and looking down at us all. It knows and sees it all, right into the deepest corners of you. So if you have a question ask!

That is the beauty of the moons energy, everything is just so close to the surface that all you  have to do is look. The full moon illuminates even our darkest places and helps us to see and feel what we need to.


Take advantage of this and use it. If you temper flares or you feel irritable don’t just shrug and say oh that moon, take a look at why, what was it that caused you to feel irritated, there is something there to be released.


If you end up having a row with your boss or quitting your job, look at why, was this what you wanted all along and the moon just upped your energy.


Did you take the opportunity to release all those memories of events that had big lessons but now those are learned the pain of those memories can leave? You still have time as the moon energy will be with us until Wednesday and Thursday brings another shift.


Work with the energy, let it help you. Think of it like swimming in the sea, when you swim out to sea you are working against the waves and it can be tiring but swimming back to shore well the waves can carry you along. It is the same with growth and development, allow the energies to carry you where you need to be, to see what you need to see. Let them help you draw your truths out from within and allow you to see them for what they are and how you need to bring them out into your life. Allow the energies to show you when to rest.


Rest is so important as well as diet but is often overlooked and the last thing on the list but it has an enormous impact on us, our wellbeing and our growth. There is so much going on energetically at the moment and this affects us, so we need to rest, eat well and drink a lot of water.


You may think oh it doesn’t affect me that much, well come and talk to me I have a 101 examples of how this has shown up in my life, real concrete verifiable examples. You want proof, I am proof!


Start making those connections, ask this full moon energy to show you. We have an amazing gateway to go through in September, don’t you want to experience that consciously? Don’t you want to move towards Understanding and Peace? This stuff is real! Look at my life, My abilities and My understanding, it grows every day and will continue to grow, I will continue to expand. Many of you have seen this over the years as I have been writing these energy reports and hanging about since about 2006 I think. I am sharing with you what worked for me, my journey because this is here for you too. You can make your life easier and more joyful if you live consciously, if you connect with the energies and believe that they make a difference. If you move your understanding from your mind to you heart.


Enjoy this powerful day, give thanks for your own wisdom and understanding as I know many of you will have eureka moments and those feelings of enough is enough and that is when you can spring back up.


If you allow all those memories to leave you will be lighter and brighter, your vibrations will rise and so will you awareness and understanding.


If it makes you feel angry or reactive then sit with that too, what is that showing you about you?


The full moon can also push at our fears making us feel uncomfortable but it also has a great spotlight to help you bring these into the light.


I love the energy of the full moon, it makes me want to dance…..in a Flashdance kind of way…oh yeah.


So I am off to just sit on the beach in this beautiful energy, that’s before I dance down the beach singing Stuck in the middle with you, I love love love this the most…Sun to the right of me, moon to the left, Stuck in the middle with you, Whoop Whoop


Let’s do it


Love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


#fullmoonenergy #energyforecast #globalenergy #danceinthelightofthemoon


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