July 8th 2017 Energy Forecast

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Good Morning, I hope you are well, the energy at the moment really is rather wonderful, so pure and empowering. That strong silent type, although maybe the effects its having are not so silent.


So it’s 5am and the boys and I are just sitting in the garden listening to the birds and the gulls, enjoying the peace and stillness and this amazing energy.


The local dogs however seem to be unhappy with something, we can hear their barks spread around the neighbourhood, this quietens and then they begin to howl, this too begins to spread and it is strange listening to it as the sound gets further away and then flows back closer again. I can see the energy of it flowing like the sea.


I am finding it a little difficult to write about the energy this morning as I feel so awesomely connected, I just want to sit and enjoy it without diluting it with words. I can’t pick apart what I am feeling and what you may be experiencing.


Usually I can feel the energy when writing this report in a detached and objective way, like I am outside looking in as energy doesn’t affect me in the same way, although that is a rather simplistic explanation but that would take a book to explain properly lol


You may be feeling this solid calm energy too, so all I can say is go out there and feel it, draw it in, ground it, be it.

This is going to be a truly wonderful weekend, great growth and shifts if you want them.

I am off to the beach.


Have fun love and laughter Michele xxxxx

I will be writing more later about the energy we have coming up next week, over at my simplero site and wordpress, so check them out.



#fullmoonenergy #enjoyinglife #justbe #energyforecast #globalenergy


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