July 7th 2017 Energy Forecast


fear and growth

Good Morning I hope you are well, although I know for so many this moon is bringing some disturbance but this is a good thing!


This energy will continue to build until it is at its peak on Sunday, the energy however will stay with us until Thursday. It is a powerful one!


This is a good thing though and gives us all the opportunity to see what we may be missing in our lives that is causing disruption, what is within us ready for release and what we may need to be dealing with.


If you fight it, it won’t be comfortable, my energy reports and visualisations are here to help you navigate this time but also get the most of it, so use them. You will find them all on my new site and I talk about what is going on right now with the energy and how this can help, so make it a resource in your life and it will be smoother sailing. (this is all free)


There is also some really fun energy around, it feels playful and joyful. Those spontaneous moments of hilarity with friends, those great days out that start out of nowhere. Now this can seem in great contrast to the intensity of the moon but there is no reason you can’t have both.


In a duality we hold on to emotions, own them and make that our state for the day, when it doesn’t have to be, it’s a moment, that passes. A memory that is released or a sign post that is seen. This energy is not here to trip us up or push is down, it’s here to help us!


Energy isn’t just one thing either, I did the work I needed to do when the full moon first came in and now I am using that energy to supercharge me in so many other ways and it is fabulous. This high energy can be an absolute blast and you can get so much done. That is the beauty of processing and self- development, this rollercoaster ends and when you flow with life you see the miracles and beauty of it all. Living in a duality is now a choice, something that has not happened since records began. Duality is all we have known, there was no choice, now there is, so what are you going to do?


I love love love a full moon, I feel the most powerful Goddess/God and this one feels primal, so who knows what Saturday/Sunday will bring, a firepit no doubt.

The Full moon comes into the Uk around 5.30 in the morning and this is my favourite bit, as I walk down the beach at this time I have the moon to my Left (west) and the sun to my right (east) and I sing stuck in the middle with you! Thrills me every time! My meditation is always extra special, so you try it! I promise you will love it!


Cast your mind back to your childhood and those first days of your summer holiday, that is the most amazing time, everything wide open warm and exciting just expanding out before you with no real conception of the end, it all just seemed so far away, on the other side of awesome. That is the energy around at the moment so tap into it.


I went for a walk the other day, just around the streets and to the Cemetery and scent of so many of the bushes and flowers in peoples gardens brought childhood memories rushing back and it was lovely to just be in that moment for a while. Remind yourself of how slow and delightful really can be. It’s you that sets the pace, I know you are thinking No it’s work or the school run etc but really you set the pace, you design create and maintain everything in your life including the pace and when the penny drops and you realise this then you can create something more chilled and flowing. Trust me!


So just bring your awareness to all of this, you are not a passive person at the mercy of the moon, it is all here to help you but as always your free will decides what to do with that.


I hope that you sign up for my new site, as I will be moving more of my content over there and the energy is fabulous and consider signing up for my next development course which is only a couple of weeks away and is transformational but whatever you decide I am here to walk with you.


Have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx


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