`July 4th 2017 Energy Forecast



Good Morning I hope you are well. So how are you feeling? Can you feel something bubbling under the surface? Like an itch you can’t scratch or that certainty that something is going on and you don’t know what? These energies are going to build as we go through the week and culminate in a rather intense full moon.


Just remember this and breathe and ground, walk away from issues in relationships whether romantic or business if things get a little heated, this is not the time to get into it.


It really is time to let go of those grudges and irritations with your loved ones, it really doesn’t matter. At least me honest with yourself and start the process otherwise things could flare up and you could be like a dog with an emotional bone and you really don’t want to say anything you regret.


You may begin to feel a little raw or vulnerable but that is because like any full moon you it brings to light things that have been hidden from us. Much of this is going to be about us and our nature and this can be tough to deal with at times so think about this before you lash out.

There is also a lot of change coming up and this can bring out the fear in us which again can make us react a little over the top and harshly.


It is important to see these things in you, embrace them and then let them go, don’t push them down or deny them, it’s time to acknowledge it. This isn’t always easy but it is liberating and it won’t go away.


You are going to get lots of memories coming to the surface for you, just watch each one as it comes to the surface and then let it go. We have all experienced pain and heartache but our choice is whether we hold on to it and say this is who I am or if we absorb the lessons and the blessings and let the pain go, so that we can continue to live our lives. The energy around is helping us release this but you have to allow it and you have to see it. Luckily we also have a lot of compassion energy , so wrap this around you and when these memories come up for you just observe them, don’t analyse, just watch and then let them go.


You may have to be you very best diplomatic self around this full moon, tempers really are going to flare and you may wake up feeling out of sorts, just be aware of this and don’t be the one that starts any rows.

A full moon is also a time of fruition for what we put out there in the new moon, so what have you been manifesting and how can you see it showing up in your life right now? Keep your eyes open it doesn’t always come in the guise you expect.

It would be great to do a full nature and element meditation with the sun and the moon. Really connect into that raw and pure energy. It is super charged with this full moon. This full moon has a raw energy about it that I haven’t felt for a while, it’s a very base and sexual energy, so just be a little bit careful.

Also reflect on your behaviour, notice how this is affecting you, it might be a good idea to step back from facebook or social media for a bit if you have slightly stalkerish tendancies, it also might be time to deal with that.

So over the next few days you are going to feel this energy building and it will trigger reactions in you, be aware of this and have a plan in place, to leave, breathe, meditate ground , whatever just don’t react and cause a blow up, remember it is the energy of the moon that is bringing these disturbances out in you for you to see and release, not to dump in your loved lap, it’s not their fault and they have their own stuff to deal with.


Let this full moon help you to clear out a lot of the imbalances that keep you in that cycle of erupting and apologising. This also applies to passive aggressive manipulation, just keep an eye on things.

Please keep these things in mind and use this rather wonderful and intense energy for good, let it help you release and ignite your passion for your life and the wonders you can create, as this energy has a destructive side.


Have a great day

Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx


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