July 2nd 2017 Energy Forecast



Good Morning I hope you are well and that sleep patterns are becoming more regular once again. The energy today feels clear fresh and inspiring, like a new beginning, the first day at a new job or new school. The chance for fresh start, to have learned from your past mistakes and to bring a new you to the fore, that is what this energy feels like.


It feels like waterfalls & lakes , some still and deep some  frozen. If feels like the dark times are over and we just have to catch up!

I see flowers growing in the bleakest of places and hope and courage everywhere. I see the sun and the rain, snow and wind and it is clean and pure, welcomed and delighted.

I see that everything is going to pick up momentum , like we are all running down a mountain valley, I feel Austria or Switzerland. It is cold yet warm from the bright sun, cool crisp and clear and it is clean. The most predominant energy is clean crisp and clear.


We are headed once again to a gateway in September and this is going to be a biggy , bigger than the one in march, so get yourself ready so you can get the most of this. These are awesome opportunities don’t let them pass you by.


2017 is the year of you, we entered after the karmic whip of December 2016, with the opportunity for a fresh start with many karmic cycles and ties ending, then we had a wonderful gateway in March which pushed us into a new cycle and now we have another in September, ALL here to help us with our growth. I for one have recently had an amazing leap forward on my path and once again my wisdom awareness and skills have gone to a new level. One of the reasons I am a little reclusive at the moment, there is much work and adjustment to do.


No matter what you are feeling or what you are doing know that this gateway is coming, it is up to you whether you embrace and prepare for this or whether you turn the other way. Gateways are not about the whether it is the right time for you not , Gateways are always awesome opportunities. If you are serious about your development and grabbing these wonderful opportunities that the amazing universe provides for us I can help you with this. No matter who how why or what I am here to guide and show those who want to learn and grow where to look.


So today sit and breathe in these amazing clear energies and push yourself forward on your timeline to 6 months or a year in the future, what does that feel like for you. How do you see your life changing and becoming more clear. What is in store for you.

Right I am off to the beach, there is much to do on so many levels at this time, it is all wonderful.

I do apologise if I am not around as much, early mornings are a great time to get me or evenings, I am teaching a lot but also I am spending around 4 hours a day in meditation so often my phone is off.


These really are amazing times and as I said if you are serious about this then I will help!! Facebook is great and I will continue to post here as I have done for 10 years but for those that really want to grow and don’t mind a challenge then I think we will find a home elsewhere.


It’s time to get off the merry-go-round


Lots and lots of love and laughter, this is going to be a blast

Michele xxxxxx

#energyforecast #energyforecastjuly #septembergateway #seizetheopportunity #newcycles #theyearofyou


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