July 1st 2017 Energy Forecast



Good Morning I hope that you are well, the energy today is rather splendid, although if you don’t take some time out and sit and be you may miss it! In fact you don’t take some time out generally to just be then you will miss so much. I hear so often I can’t I don’t have time, I am under so much pressure and my answers are these….If you can’t do this for yourself, who can, no one else is going to make that space for you and secondly this is the time that you need it most and it will help considerably!


So many of you will be having truths come to the surface for you at the moment and this isn’t always comfortable but it is always a path to growth. It is time to face them and there is bucket loads of courage energy for you to grab hold of. Use this energy it is here to help you. It’s like the energy of clarity that is always available should you need it but who actually consciously hooks into this to help them? Many conversations go like this, oh I wish I knew what I needed to do…..sit with the energy of clarity and you will know….yeah I know that but I just really want to know one way or another…..sit with the energy of clarity and you will know…..yeah but it’s like I have so much info flying around my head, I just need to sort it out…..sit with the energy of clarity and you will know….yeah but can you look for me and see…am I going to get ab or c


Start using the energy that is all around, it is here to help you. My energy forecast are like weather reports. You check the weather to see if you need an umbrella or maybe a jacket. It helps so that you can dress appropriately for the weather, so you don’t have to suffer for example if you get caught in a shower and have to spend the rest of the day a little wet. It helps you flow with life and avoid pitfalls, like if you are planning a picnic and the weather report says rain all day, you would postpone it, rather than having your plans ruined.


So Honesty Truth and Integrity are all around always, so you can take that as a given. It is your choice whether you integrate it and use it, or find it amusing and a bit of trivia or ignore it all together. That is free will and a beautiful thing in deed. I have been writing these reports for 10 years of so and will continue to this. Of course I would love you to work with them and let them ease your journey but that is not why I write them.


I see a almost metallic purple energy and it is reminding me of Christmas, loving good will to others. We all have the most amazing compassion and love inside of us, lets not save it for high days and holidays or times of disaster and crisis, let’s remind ourselves of it every day, like when you get irritated that someone is in your way or upset when you feel slighted.


So many of these awesome energies, compassion, wisdom, unconditional love, truth , hope, faith, devotion and so many more, exist in us like thin yet vibrant thread. If you sit with these energies you can feel and see this thread and you can pull on, you can make it grow within you until it is more than just a thread. You make it grow so big that it spills from you into your life and those around you, it is so big that it is you, without thought, then there is no other way.


I also see a protective rather spikey energy, just like sleeping beauty locked behind her forest of thorns this is a dark green but then we have the pale green energy of soothing heart energy that comes in and soothes the spikey energy. I take this that is really is time to dissolve our defences and let the energies help you with that. Haha I was also shown that this image has nothing to do with being saved by a prince. No one is coming to save you, they don’t need to you have the power to save yourself.


Maybe this weekend it is time to step back and ask yourself WHY?  Why do you do the things you do, believe the things you believe? Why, where does it come from and does it make sense to you, does it truly resonate with you right here right now?


Draw in the energies around and let them help you get rid of what is no longer needed, time to clear some space and watch your vibrations soar.


Always here if you have questions. If you are ready to start consciously walking your path and making the shifts and changes then I am ready to guide!

I will be recording July’s Monthly Energy Forecast today or tomorrow so sign up for my newsletter if you would like to receive it.

Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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