A Mystical Life

Excerpt from my Journal this week

“my experience has shifted once again, I feel like I am experiencing life like a prism/kaleidoscope or carousel, It’s hard to put into words. I am here now in this moment but I am also experiencing moments in my past and my future, as well as past lives.


It’s like this a bit – I am the white light, my experience now, the sum of all the colours. Each colour is a timeline experience


As I write this I am also writing in another time, with a quill, my thoughts feel unified.

These are simultaneous experiences of the past present and future, this life time and others – I guess this is unity.

These different timeline experiences fade in and out of focus but are all relevant to NOW.

Time is indeed experienced very differently these past few weeks.

I love how each week brings a new understanding and a new experience each building and expanding on the last. For the past year I have had so many eureka moments of oh this is unity but as always is just the next step into a deeper understanding and experience.”

Life is truly magical and awesome with each day containing moments of growth and expansion.

I am as much an eager student today as I was 20 odd years ago when I first began my journey of self discovery which turned out to be a journey to the centre of the universe and beyond. Each new level of understanding helps me in my practical world too.

As I accept it into my energy system, allow my consciousness to expand, this new wisdom permeates throughout me, my energy and my reality, shifting everything into a new arena ready for the next level to be built.

It’s a new dawn
It’s a new day
It’s a new life
For me
And I’m feeling good

Have a wonderful weekend all

Love and Laughter Michele xxxx


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