June 29th 2017 Energy Forecast


conscious awareness

Good Morning I hope that you are well, the veil is thin at the moment and it is easy to communicate with spirit. Meditate today and see if you can feel this. Be guided by any messages that you get, it is time to follow your intuition, it won’t lead you down a rabbit hole but it may show you something about your situation that you previously could not understand.


The energy as we move into the weekend is all about getting you to see the bigger picture, to get an elevated view of an issue that you are dealing with. Once you get this insight it is time to do something about it.


We all have some choices to make at the moment, do you want to stay in duality or move into unity, if you don’t make that choice conscious and back it up with action then by default you are choosing to remain in duality. That is fine as that is your choice and we all have free will, just make it conscious that this is what you are choosing. Get to know the conditions of your duality and accept them as it will make life easier. The internet is full of people in the pendulum swing of relationships, careers and just general life, good time to bad. Once you understand that these are the conditions of duality and it just is then you no longer need cry why is this happening to me, as you will know why.


The energy of integrity and honesty are ever present as always and it is important to reflect on our actions and develop that detached observer within that is able to maintain the pause between event and response. It is the spaces in between that hold all the information and magic.


I feel there is going to be an energetic spring clean coming in, as though you will have so many aspects of your life presented to you as you are asked, “keep, bin or donate” Take some time with this, as what you release needs to go with love and gratitude and quite often forgiveness.


Get out into nature and hug a tree, greet a crow, hug a dog, whatever floats your boat, connect and commune with something other than another human and feel it. Take note of how you feel, tap into that interconnectivity and really experience it!


Consider meditating every day, you can do this as walking or open eyed meditation and I have plenty of free meditations on my website. This is important as it helps you sort the events of the day, releasing all that no longer serves you. It helps you maintain your own energy and to be able to distinguish what is yours and what are other peoples. This is going to be very important as we move forward. Much will be occurring at a global level and this will generate a lot of fear and anger. You need to know your own energy to avoid getting caught up in this. Start now it will be much easier.


The Aloe Vera energy is around too as is as ever present as Honesty and Integrity so tap into this to help you.


Have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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